In August '19, Deliverect reached the 1 million processed orders milestone, after having been in business for only 10 months. We're super excited that now, just under 3.5 months later, we’ve just hit 2 million processed orders! We couldn’t have done it without the talented and passionate people who work for and with us. We’ll share a few other secrets to our success... Together, let's work our way towards 10 million!


We live in the era of online food delivery

More and more restaurants are jumping on the food delivery bandwagon. All kinds of restaurants are making use of delivery platforms to drive order volume and increase revenue. Around 30% of the food sector’s turnover comes from online orders. Food delivery is no longer just about fast food – you can still satisfy your hankering for pizza or burgers, but you can just as easily go for a salad or poke bowl. We proudly serve many different clients from around the world, including Bavet (Belgium), Goiko Grill (Spain), The Regency Club (The UK), Pizza Brigade (Canada), Salsa Shop (The Netherlands), Mambo Italia (Kenya), and many others.

Delivery platforms

We can thank a good part of our success to timing: our rise coincides with that of the buying power of millennials and the development of food platform technology. For millennials, food and digital go hand in hand (just think about the number of food pics on social media). This generation has a hunger for ready meals, is very busy and tech savvy. The technology to order, pay, and notify riders has evolved rapidly, conveniently putting ready-made meals at their fingertips.

The perfect moment in history for Deliverect to come in and streamline operations so that restaurants can focus on what they do best: making great food.



Making life more convenient for everyone

Millennials may be driving the growth of delivery apps and sites, but everyone’s drawn to them for the same reasons: time and convenience. People are shorter on time than ever before and online shopping has primed them to expect more convenient options at their doorstep. 

Online delivery satisfies this need by cutting the travel and wait time out of purchasing a meal. We help meet the growing appetite for good food delivered quickly and smoothly, benefiting both the end customer as well as the single & chain restaurants, cloud kitchens and food enterprises - our clients. Because although it has become essential for restaurants to deliver in order to compete, delivery comes with challenges. Being on lots of delivery platforms means a wall of tablets and order processing apparatus. We help restaurants streamline and simplify operations with our integrated product so they can work more efficiently. Teaming up with Deliverect means speeding up your processing time so you can handle more orders and do more business. It’s really a win-win.


Helping each other grow

At Deliverect, we take pride in the fact that we’re ready to respond quickly and actively listen to client needs. This is how we’ve been able to build the most relevant product for the restaurants we serve. The software we’ve created is the result of lots of ping-ponging back and forth with our clients. Our goal is to create a product together that fits their needs perfectly.

“We develop Deliverect in collaboration with our customers. We listen to our customers and solve the problems our customers experience when managing delivery channels”


The Deliverect teamWe started out iterating constantly with short feedback loops and were able to build client feedback into every step of our growth process. The great thing is we help each other grow. Thanks to online food delivery, our client Goiko Grill has experienced substantial growth, enabling them to open more physical stores. This is proof that online food delivery doesn’t have to take away from physical restaurants, but that the two can build on each other. Helping each other grow is also something we value as a team. We’re extremely proud to work with such crazy talented people, and do everything we can to help each other reach our goals.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped us reach this milestone! One step closer to world domination…

Magali De Reu
December 4, 2019 by Magali De Reu

Freelance copywriter