Ready to scale up your restaurant business by getting into online delivery? Good move! Demand for online delivery is skyrocketing and here to stay. Customers are looking to have all their old (and new) favorites at their fingertips. You’ll be on your way to maxing out your revenue and visibility and keeping up with the competition. But before you launch yourself headfirst into this new venture, here’s a little food for thought!


#1 Think through what you’re selling

Don’t just offer everything your restaurant makes. A lot of restaurants that start up delivery services toss their menus online without thinking it through. But selling the wrong dishes can lead to backed up kitchens, cranky customers and a dent in profits.

“Create a specialized menu that is delivery proof"

Food ready on counter

It’s important to look at which dishes you can easily sell in large volumes so you don’t end up with a bottleneck in your orders. Also think about which foods travel well – you want to avoid meals that turn into a soggy mess by the time they get to the customer. For a better customer experience and in turn more happy e-patrons, make sure you can deliver meals that look just as good as they do in the picture (and stay tasty too). The bottom line: create a specialized menu that is delivery proof.  


#2 Consider segmenting your brand

If you sell different foods, or different types of foods, you might want to consider splitting them up into different brands. People can be really specific when they’re searching online.


“Aside from making your product easier to find, segmenting your brand also lets you more easily target different demographics”


Say you own a burger restaurant that also sells hotdogs. If people are searching for burgers, there might not be much interest in your dogs. But if you start a second online brand specializing in hot dogs, lovers of the world’s favorite steamed sausage will be flocking to you! Aside from making your product easier to find, segmenting your brand also lets you more easily target different demographics, like vegetarian students, busy professionals who love burritos, health-conscious parents and so on. You can also dip your toe into expanding operations by branching out into totally different products without watering down your brand. Word to the wise: segment it up!


#3 Dare to offer delivery-only dishes

Courier delivering mealIn order to get more out of your online food business, you can opt to offer delivery-only dishes. This lets you come up with new dishes that can be prepared faster and travel better. You can also build in margins based on a delivery business model, without customers comparing the prices to those on your restaurant menu. And it’s another way to test new products without taking a big risk. Don’t forget: it’s key to sell some dishes online that can generate volume in order to avoid long wait times.


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Magali De Reu
September 2, 2019 by Magali De Reu

Freelance copywriter