Founded in Spain in 2014, Glovo is an on-demand courier service that purchases, picks up, and delivers orders, whether food or other types such as medicines or consumer products. 

According to the latest market study carried out by Smartme Analytics, a company specialized in analyzing the use of mobile applications, Glovo's app is the fourth most used app in the Spanish market to order food at home, in a list dominated by two apps from very well-known chains (Burger King and McDonald's), followed by Glovo's direct competitor, Uber Eats.

In a growing market in which probably half or more of the population aged 18 to 36 is already using food delivery apps - and in which many users have installed not one, but several of these apps - it is crucial for restaurants not only to be present in the main ones, but also to get the most out of them.

So here is everything you need to know if you are thinking of getting your restaurant listed on Glovo! 

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Things to remember before registering

Registering for the Glovo service is completely free of charge. You only need to accept the terms of use (that you can read here). In said terms of use, Glovo explains that the fees it charges for each delivery consist of a percentage of the price, variable and dependent on the distance to travel and the time spent doing so.

In addition, in the same terms of use, Glovo reserves the right to modify the fee charged depending on the time slot in which the service is requested. What’s more, this price may be increased subsequently due to any extraordinary circumstances of force majeure that arise. Something unforeseen such as, for example, the cutting off of a number of streets along the route by the authorities due to an extraordinary situation.

Now that you have the necessary prior information, we will see how to register in Glovo and configure your account.


Registration and configuration of your Glovo account

First of all, before being able to include your dishes on the Glovo page, your restaurant will undergo a trial period, after which you will be able to start working with the company, and make your dishes and offers available to the general public.

To sign up with Glovo, you just need to scroll down the homepage to the section entitled GlovoBusiness, which lets you register as a business.


Alternatively, you can also directly access the registration page of a new business.

The registration process starts with giving your name, your email address, and a password that you will use to access your account. 

After completing this step, you must check two boxes: the lower box, usual in all online services, constitutes the acceptance of the terms and conditions in which Glovo offers the service, as well as the privacy policy of both your data and cookies. The top box allows you to receive communications with commercial offers and promotions from Glovo.


How your Glovo account works

This interface is divided into a bar on the left-hand side with a series of icons (six at the top and one at the bottom), a map on the right-hand side, and between both sides an area in which the options for each of the icons on the left drop down.



The icons that you will use the most will be the first, second and fourth, followed by the sixth.

The top icon, rounded with a cross in the middle, allows you to place a new order, i.e., request a courier to take an order from your restaurant to the customer’s home. In this option, you can choose up to four types: delivery of a package, delivery with return (upon arrival at the customer's home, the courier picks up another package when delivering the one they are carrying), collection of several packages in different places to take to the same customer (useful for combining dishes from several different restaurants), and the one that will be most useful to you: the delivery of multiple orders.

The first time you make a service request, the Glovo system will ask you to enter your credit card details (if you have not already done so on your profile), which will interrupt your request, so you will have to make it again afterwards. After completing this step, a wizard will open which will firstly ask you for the collection point, with the full address, a mobile telephone number to follow up with an SMS, and a text field for indications (for example, if on arrival the rider should ask for anyone in particular to give them the package).



In the third step you will establish the delivery details. For example, you can choose deliver ‘As soon as possible’, but you can also programme what date and time during the week the rider should deliver. Remember that Glovo serves other types of establishments apart from restaurants.

This section will inform you of the distance that the rider has to travel, the price you will have to pay for delivering the order, your preferred payment method if you have several registered (see in the Profile icon), and adding your company’s details to generate the invoice if you have not already done so in the Profile section.


To create the order and therefore start the transaction, you only have to go to the end of this section and click the button ‘Create order’. Your first Glovo order is now in progress.

To keep track of your orders, you have the second button in the vertical bar on the left, which is in the form of two position icons on an online map such as Google Maps, linked by a line.

The third icon, corresponding to Profile, is the one you should check first when you finish logging in to your account, since it allows you to enter the company's tax details, payment information, and activate or deactivate the two-step verification among other minor options.

Regarding payment information, Glovo only accepts credit cards, although you can enter more than one in the system, but not alternative payment methods such as PayPal, for example. You can also opt for a monthly payment, for which you will need to send a request to the company, as this option is not available by default.

Another interesting item in this Profile section is the section on ‘API Credentials’ calls, although this will only be of interest if you have your own home delivery mobile app or web service for your restaurant.

An API (Application Program Interface) is a software mechanism that makes it possible to integrate services offered by a program in another. In this case, you can integrate the Glovo home delivery service in your restaurant’s mobile app.


The fourth icon is for the invoices generated by the service which you can control and download from here, while the fifth allows you to access FAQs, and the sixth is the request for direct help from Glovo’s customer service.

Finally, the bottom icon, which is arrow-shaped, allows you to recommend Glovo to other people through a link.


And what now?

So now that you've registered, you are probably wondering why your restaurant doesn't appear in the app yet.

Glovo needs some time to evaluate your business, see that it is legitimate, and to start doing business with you on equal terms. Your activity is being monitored from Glovo, and if those responsible for evaluating you notice that the service is being contracted, they will surely soon give you permission to enter your card and appear on the restaurant platform.


POS integration

Once your Glovo account is working, the idea is that you won’t have to manage orders that come from that platform separately. For this, make sure your point-of-sale (POS) software has a Glovo integration, such as with Revo, Lightspeed, etc. A POS integration will enable your restaurant to automatically transfer all incoming orders to the till, instead of having to enter them one by one yourself.

Deliverect is also integrated with other delivery channels, and when managing multiple services such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Just Eat or Foodora, as well as Glovo, it facilitates you the essential task of being present on multiple platforms.

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Getting the most from your presence on Glovo

You may cook very well and have an excellent service in your restaurant, but if your potential customers do not know this, they won’t visit you. And for them to visit, you will have to attract them. So let’s see how you can stand out from your competition on Glovo.

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Let the world know that you offer a food delivery service through Glovo. On your social networking sites, your restaurant cards, your leaflets, your menus, with posters on the door, etc.

Remember that the customer dining in your restaurant today may be a home delivery customer tomorrow. If they don’t know that their favorite restaurant has a home delivery service, customers will probably open up another restaurant on the Glovo app. Do not lose customers because they don’t know that you are there.


Offer promotions

Have you not yet tried our home delivery service? The first time you do so, you will receive a €5 discount.” It may be a good way of starting to accustom both regular customers of your restaurant, and an enticement for those who don’t know you yet.

And why not give something away for free with a minimum order amount? You could throw in a free side dish, dessert, or drink. The options are endless.


Review your menu frequently

What dishes work better (the most demanded ones)? Which ones do diners order the least? Always try to have the most popular dishes available, especially in the top positions.

Organize your menu well and don’t hesitate to be flattering about your own dishes. The objective is to improve what is called your ‘conversion rate’, i.e. the relationship between those who visit your website on the Glovo app and those who end up placing an order. The closer to 1, the better.

So, review both the dishes and the photos and descriptions, and browse the sites of your direct competition to get ideas. Don’t hold back.


Become a Glovo Prime partner

Glovo Prime is a category that gives you free shipping and exclusive promotions, in exchange for a monthly payment of 100 euros, a monthly fee of 30%, and an introductory fee (and therefore one-off payment) of €150.

You can sign up directly for this category on the Glovo website, or wait until you have worked for a while with the Glovo standard category, so that the option of registering in the Prime category appears to you in the Profile section in your account.

To register in Prime, you must provide a bank account number in IBAN format, unlike the basic service in which you will only have to provide a credit card number.

If at any time you see it is not worth being a Glovo Prime partner, you can cancel, as there is no permanence commitment.


Appear on the Glovo blog

Okay, it’s not easy to get mentioned on Glovo's corporate blog, but it’s worth trying. Appearing in the Glovo blog may be a good endorsement, not only for attracting more customers, but also in terms of reputation - getting visitors to your city to stop by your restaurant.

Remember that after having registered, Glovo employees will evaluate you on the platform and get in contact with you. Try to establish a good working relationship and you might end up being featured in one of Glovo's thematic posts such as the best hamburgers in Madrid or the top 10 home delivery sushi services in Spain.


Working with Deliverect also helps you

The Deliverect platform simplifies the task of managing orders from Glovo, together with other services. Use that time you gain to improve your presence on Glovo.



Here's a quick summary of the most important points to remember for using the Glovo service:

  1. Register on the website.

  2. Once you are on it, complete your profile. Remember that is important that you enter your company’s invoicing details and at least your credit card details.

  3. Remember also to register a mobile number that you have active as many hours during the day as possible, and to use a strong password to access your account.

  4. Check that you can integrate the Glovo service into your point-of-sale (POS) software. 

  5. Once you have entered all your data, contact Glovo. Don’t hold back.

  6. Communicate to your customers your presence on social networking sites and that you provide a home delivery service through Glovo. If no one knows this, there’s no point being there.

Once you have done all of this, enjoy your new potential and earning more money! 😉

Guillem Alsina Gonzàlez
November 9, 2020 by Guillem Alsina Gonzàlez

Freelance tech journalist