With 2019 coming to an end, a few of the restaurant and food industry’s figureheads are already looking ahead to next year’s upcoming trends and fads. 

The past year has been all about true food experiences, with people - both at home and in a brick-and-mortar restaurant - looking for an unforgettable dining experience which involves both tasty, good-looking food and a unique atmosphere. Topics that surged in interest in 2019 were sustainability, local sourcing and natural ingredients, as well as plant-based everything. 


But what will 2020 bring?


Veganism is still on the menu

According to our partner platform Deliveroo, the vegan trend isn’t coming to an end soon. The delivery service reported a 330-percent increase in vegan orders over the past two years, as well as a rapidly growing number of eateries offering vegan food. Multiple global fast food chains, like McDonalds, KFC and Burger King, already have plant-based alternatives on the menu, something which will only expand onto other brands in the future.  

Nachos with dip sauceSnack-sized meals

Another trend that’s been spotted is the so-called “grazing”, which has people ordering small and mid-sized meal portions spread throughout the day. Customers seem to be enjoying the convenience of home delivery to order more than three meals a day, so they can sample lots of different cuisines and dishes. Doordash, one of America’s biggest food ordering players, predicts that side dishes will become a big thing in 2020 - something which fits in the grazing phenomenon.

Build your own (insert type of food here) 

A trend that’s been popular in the US this year is the “build your own anything” one: build your own burger, poke bowl, salad, burrito,… Today’s consumer craves a personal experience, so how to cater to their needs better than with a meal that can be built from scratch? 2019 has certainly seen a spike in this type of delivery orders, and reports a continuation of the trend next year.

The era of locavores

The NRA reports that locavores are on the rise: people who exclusively consume food that’s been produced in their own region or community. Products that have been locally sourced and which are 100% traceable have been trending for a while, and it looks like food businesses will have to take this consumer need (more) seriously in 2020, as well.

Street food: Banh Mi“Do it for the Gram” food

Social media is everywhere, and that certainly isn’t going to change in the coming years. Food that looks picture-perfect, appetizing and unique will continue to do well. According to some of the third-party delivery services, dishes that are deemed most likely to be shared on Instagram are burgers, milkshakes, sushi, chips and doughnuts. Food for thought! 

Street food

Industry experts all agree: street food is hot, for delivery and takeout purposes as well. Thai, Greek & Indian street food orders have been soaring, as well as orders for burritos, tortillas and hot dogs. As a bonus, char flavors and meals cooked on fire are booming, so combining the two trends will certainly get your orders up ;-)

Non-alcoholic cocktailNon-alcoholic drinks

Building on the natural ingredients trend, the need for healthy drinks is growing, as well. Multiple industry sources predict that all kinds of non-alcoholic drinks, including fermented ones like Kombucha, will gain (even more) popularity in 2020.

Desserts matter

With all kinds of cuisines and dishes readily available online, desserts are being ordered more frequently - and not only in combination with a main! Just like side dishes, desserts are now serving as a morning or afternoon snack, or even devoured for lunch. In the US, apple pie in particular is breaking records, so says Doordash.

Rainbow food 

Another trend, which ties in with Instagrammability, is the colorful food one. In the past few years, we’ve already seen pretty colorful dishes like the popular Hawaiian poke bowls. In 2020, cool color and flavor combinations are going to be present even more: spirulina and matcha green, purple cabbage, turmeric yellow,…

Karolien Odou
November 28, 2019 by Karolien Odou

Content marketer at Deliverect and fulltime carnivore