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When you’re running a restaurant, choosing a point-of-sale (POS) system can make or break the business. Pick the right one and you can streamline all your restaurant operations, from orders and payments to staff and inventory management. But with so many providers out there, how do you decide?

Deliverect works together with a number of POS systems - and we’re always working on adding more. If your restaurant offers delivery, choosing one of our integrated point-of-sale suppliers means you’ll be able to sync with the biggest meal delivery services around the world.

Below you’ll find a short summary of our POS partners, listing their key features.


Lightspeed (for restaurants)

Available worldwide

Founded in 2005 with headquarters in Canada, Lightspeed is a cloud-based point of sale system for restaurants and bars of all sizes. Key features include floor management, customer and inventory tracking, table-side ordering and an offline mode.

Lightspeed POS integration for delivery management

Lightspeed allows restaurants to easily build and update menus, adjust floor plans in real time and update stock inventory. The mobile POS can be used to serve customers everywhere - alternatively, there is a self-order menu that lets customers order by themselves on an iPad at their table. Takeout and delivery orders can be processed on the spot, by assigning them to a table, adding labels to a table and setting specific rates. 

Thanks to the cloud-based POS, users can check sales data, customer information and staff reports on the go. There’s a fully functional offline mode in case of internet connectivity issues.


Square (for restaurants)

Available worldwide

Square point-of-sale system integration for delivery platforms

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in San Francisco, Square markets a restaurant point-of-sale platform with software, hardware and payments to streamline operations. Key features include table management, coursing, menu management and sales reporting.

Square for restaurants allows its users to customize their floor plan, push orders straight to the kitchen, build and optimize menus. Reporting is available for sales, discounts, employee sales and more. Further features include a customer directory, order histories and multi-location (user) management.



Available worldwide

Wynd third-party delivery platform integrationSet up in 2014, Wynd is a French global omni-channel commerce platform based in France. Key features include capacity planning, stock management, omni-channel cash-in and a unified back office.

Wynd’s solutions also feature a vendor tablet, management of unified order flows and omni-channel payment support. Booking management, analytics and client knowledge is included, as well.



Available in Spain

Revo POS connected to third-party food delivery channelsThe Spain-based Revo offers restaurants a POS system with key features like order and table management, dish modification, reporting, stock inventory management and user / permission management.

The RevoXef POS allows 4 working modes: POS/Bar, table orders, takeaway and delivery. The platform supports order organization by dish order, time tracking in the kitchen and ticket printing in the front of house and in the kitchen. Users can count on advanced reporting on all operations.



Available in the Czech Republic, Poland, Spain and Hungary

Storyous point-of-sales linked to third-party food delivery appsSet up in the Czech Republic in 2014, Storyous is an intuitive cloud-based POS system for cafés, restaurants, bars, pubs, and so on. Key features include staff tracking, inventory management, sales optimization, order and delivery management.

Storyous offers a mobile waiter, a portable tablet for employees so they can take orders anywhere. Combined with a kitchen printer, this speeds up the order taking process considerably. The POS system also supports uploading goods into stock, recognizes various payment options and offers a custom loyalty program.



Available worldwide

iKentoo POS system integration with delivery platforms

iKentoo, an iPad-based POS and business management system that was founded in Geneva in 2011, was acquired by Lightspeed in 2019. Key features include order and table management, CRM, printer management and an offline mode.

This POS supports table-side ordering and delivery, and displays seating plans with occupancy rate. Multiple production tickets can be printed and multi-payment transactions are accepted. The CRM application includes client file creation and integrated loyalty cards. 

The iKentoo back-office management portal allows users to see real-time data and reporting, as well as do inventory and user management.



Available in Spain, France and Italy

Tiller integrated POS system for delivery operational managementCreated in 2014 in France, Tiller is an entire suite of software applications that includes a point-of-sale system. Key features include on-side and online ordering, payment, delivery, stock management, loyalty, reservations and analytics.

Tiller allows its users to create personalised menus, simplifies the order-taking process and makes it possible to build and track customer loyalty. Businesses can analyze their activities in real time, receive sales reporting and monitor staff performance.



Available in Europe

Gastrofix point-of-sale system for streamlined delivery integration

Founded in 2011, Gastrofix has its headquarters in Germany. This cloud-based POS platform is suitable for medium-sized and large businesses in the restaurant and hotel industry. Key features include floor management, table and inventory management and mobile ordering.

Gastrofix is fully offline capable, offering unlimited connectivity with real-time synchronization. It offers professional room and table plans, a fast service through hand-held waiter devices and guest payment directly at the table. 

The POS provider also boasts additional modules like branch administration, a digital cash book and a customer (loyalty) database.


CLYO Systems

Available worldwide

CLYO poin-of-sales integration with third-party food ordering playersFounded in 2004 in France, CLYO Systems creates payment and management solutions for restaurants, bars and cafés. Key features include order, stock and production management, sales statistics and takeaway and delivery management.

The CLYO Systems cash register software makes it possible to manage the restaurant’s floor plan and tables, build menus and display inventory in real time. Orders are printed on various manufacturing points. The customer loyalty feature helps businesses with lead nurturing.

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