Black Friday is celebrated each year on the fourth Friday of November - the day after Thanksgiving. Born in the US, the “first day of the Christmas shopping season” is centered around crazy deals, special offers and large discounts. Over the past few years, Black Friday shopping has started to shift more towards online sales channels: in July 2019, a US survey showed that 37% of consumers weren’t planning on visiting physical stores on Black Friday because the stores are too busy, while 27% stated they think online shopping is easier*.

But Black Friday is no longer just popular in the United States - today it has spread across the world. In the UK, for instance - Europe’s biggest food delivery market - a 64% share of consumers were planning to participate in Black Friday in 2018*, with an expected online spend of £1.41 billion*. Moreover, almost 1 out of 4 respondents claimed they were only going to buy in online stores, while over 60% said they were going to shop both offline and online.

Online shopping

Tasty Black Friday deals for delivery restaurants

With all that in mind, it would be a missed opportunity not to extend Black Friday deals to online food ordering, as well. With shoppers already glued to their screens, why not capture their attention with a tasty food offer? Besides, all that shopping makes one hungry ;-)


#1 Offer a free entrée or appetizer with a main dish

Entice your customers with a free entrée, appetizer or serving of finger food to share. Is your margin not high enough to give out free items? Set attractive prices for your entrées to catch shopper’s eyes.

#2 Offer free delivery (for orders over a certain amount)

When asked why they don’t order out, consumers often answer it would encourage them to “spend too much money” or that “the minimum order amount is too high”*. By offering limited-time free delivery - possibly only for orders over a certain amount - you can inspire potential consumers to treat themselves to one of your dishes. Alternatively, temporarily lower your minimum order amount instead.

#3 Offer a coupon for the next order

Reward Black Friday customers with a future discount coupon. It’s a win-win, really: you’ll get a repeat purchase which will possibly lead to another loyal customer, and they’ll get an incentive to try out your food not once, but twice - at a discounted price! Want to mix things up? Offer your online customers a coupon for a dinner in your brick-and-mortar restaurant, if you’d like to give them the in-house experience, as well.

#4 Offer a free side or dessert to the first 100 ones to order

A deal that creates a sense of urgency, is one where you reward only the first 100 (or 50, or 1000, depending on the size of your delivery operation) with a free dessert or side dish, like fries or nachos. Simply post a one-time special order code, for instance “BLACKFRIDAY”, on your social media accounts and don’t forget to keep your followers posted when the maximum number of redemptions has been reached.

Bubble tea with black tapioca pearls#5 Offer limited-availability Black Friday dishes or drinks

While discounts and free products tend to persuade the most, you may also want to focus more on your existing clientele, who already knows your online offering. One way to encourage your loyal customers to order is by offering new dishes or drinks, that you’ve created especially for Black Friday. Anything goes, from themed food like black pasta, black burger buns or black cocktails, to variations of your most loved dishes or brand-new concoctions. Who knows - you might even want to add it to your regular menu if positive feedback is off the charts! And if you’re really eager, you can offer one of your holiday season specials, e.g. for Christmas or New Year, in a presale so you can test the waters and possibly secure end-of-year orders before the season even began.

Quick and easy setup

You may find it good to know that updating your online menus on multiple third-party delivery platforms doesn’t cost you a lot of time with Deliverect’s menu builder. You can easily duplicate existing menus, adjust prices for selected items, add new items and push your menu live to multiple channels. It’s even possible to automatically take your special menu offline after the Black Friday weekend, so you don’t risk forgetting it. 

Whichever option you choose, don’t forget to communicate about your Black Friday promotions on your own website and social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Make sure to use popular hashtags to reach as many people as possible.

* Source: Statista

Karolien Odou
November 21, 2019 by Karolien Odou

Content marketer at Deliverect and fulltime carnivore