Dark kitchens

Deliverect helps dark kitchens - also called ghost kitchens, virtual restaurants or cloud kitchens - to streamline their workflow, making sure they can efficiently manage orders coming in through multiple delivery channels. 

Chefs preparing sushi in kitchen

Optimizing operational efficiency

  • We integrate all your online ordering services in your existing POS system or the Deliverect app

  • We send all your delivery orders to your POS or app in realtime and automatically print standardized order tickets in the kitchen

  • Manage multiple brands from one account and save yourself a lot of time

  • You'll have a clear overview of all orders, from multiple delivery channels and brands, all in one place

What's in it for you?


Save time

Time-saver for kitchen staff

  • With orders syncing automatically, you save time and avoid mistakes
  • Tickets are printed in a consistent layout for maximum efficiency

Monitor and grow

  • Use our reports to analyze and optimize your ghost kitchen
  • Define your audiences, best-selling dishes and brands
Boost your operational efficiency and revenue

Simplify your workflow

  • Use one device instead of dozens of tablets
  • Easily update your online menus in one place, for multiple channels and brands
Bright Kitchen Amsterdam

Cloud kitchens & Deliverect: a success story

The solution makes the delivery management process efficient, reliable and automated, adding a huge amount of value to our service model.

Majed Abukhater - CEO OneKitchen - United Arab Emirates

Thanks to our partnership with Deliverect, we are able to decrease the likelihood of human error that would result from working with several different softwares and tablets.

Food Haven Logo
José Fabregat - Co-founder & CEO Food Haven - Spain

Order prep time is reduced, since staff no longer have to type tickets over again

Eva Urlings– COO Bavet - Belgium