Reporting in Deliverect

See sales reports in one clear overview

  • With your delivery channels integrated into your restaurant POS, your reporting is now consolidated in one place.
  • Easily compare in-house and delivery revenue flows.
  • Troubleshoot by searching order IDs in one place.
  • Build ammo for negotiations with delivery partners regarding commission percentages.
  • View your order history and filter by location in your Deliverect account. 

Reporting made easier for the back of house

The Deliverect portal includes user-friendly delivery sales reports. View your delivery revenue or get a breakdown by order status or restaurant location.

See your in-house and off-premise sales side by side in your POS reports. 

You no longer have to copy-and-paste or export sales data from all the different food ordering players by hand. Free up time to analyze sales data and avoid the grunt work.


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Our reporting integration helps you grow

"Before, I had to combine the different reports from all delivery partners and calculate our total net profit by hand. Now, I can see it instantly."

Salsa Shop
Alexander Jerejian - Regional Manager Salsa Shop - The Netherlands

"Deliverect allows us to monitor kitchen efficiency and analyze our delivery operation - something which was almost impossible in the past."

Poule & Poulette logo
Frederik Goossens - Founder & CEO Poule & Poulette - Belgium

"Our delivery revenue flow is now linked to our POS, so we have an overview of how we did and what we sold that day." 

Sugo Pizza Logo
Hugo Kruijssen - Co-owner Sugo Pizza - The Netherlands

Get a taste of our reporting feature

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