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Refer a restaurant and earn in return!

There's nothing we love more than ordering an amazing dish from one of our favourite restaurants... and Deliverect's online order management solution makes that easy for restaurants, delivery services, and foodies everywhere!

Do you know restaurants that could benefit from Deliverect? Sign up, become an ambassador and earn 75 USD for every restaurant onboarded who will also receive 50% off for the first 2 months. 🎁 Win-win!

Refer a restaurant!

How does it work?

Share with your favorite restaurants

Sign up to become an ambassador and share your personal link with your favorite restaurants

They book a demo with us

They book a demo with our experts who will give them a customized tour of the platform based on their specific needs

You receive your reward

As a token of our appreciation, you receive 75 USD for each restaurant you refer that onboards with Deliverect!

Refer a restaurant!

Are there restaurants you LOVE that could benefit from Deliverect? Spread the word and earn 75 USD for every successful referral. They will then get 50% off for the first 2 months!


Who can I refer to Deliverect?

You can refer owners/managers/decision-makers of restaurants of any size that use delivery, click & collect, or in-house dining apps. 

Can I self-refer a different location that I own/manage?     

The program is for you to share with other restaurant owners and managers. If you are interested in onboarding new locations, please email us at

Is there a limit on the number of restaurants that I can refer?

The limit is 50 customers. These should be restaurants that you know or follow on social channels. Please do not spam restaurants. Please read our terms and conditions when signing up for the program.

When do I receive the discount?

The reward is attributed in 2 parts - 30 USD are paid once a product demo has been done. Then the remaining 45 USD are paid once the referred restaurant is successfully onboard with Deliverect as a paid subscriber for 1 month.

How can I know the status of my referrals?

The status of referrals can be tracked on the Ambassador dashboard.

What if I refer a contact who is already speaking with Deliverect or was referred by someone else?

If a restaurant is already a customer or already in touch with our Sales team, you will be notified via the dashboard that the referral is not valid.

If the restaurant I refer has different locations, does that count as one referral or the number of locations? 

Multiple locations are considered as one referral.