Chain restaurants

Deliverect aims to simplify the lives of chain restaurant owners and staff by giving them the best software to manage and optimize their delivery operations at multiple locations.

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Multi-location, multi-platform delivery made easy

  • We integrate all your online ordering services with your existing POS system

  • We send all your delivery orders to your POS in realtime and automatically print order tickets in the kitchen

  • You can manage all your online orders using one tablet, and all your restaurant locations from one master account

  • Create custom access rights for both management and staff


What's in it for you?


Save time

Time-saver for floor and kitchen staff

  • Order tickets no longer have to be copied into your POS
  • With orders syncing automatically, you save time and avoid mistakes
Grow your operation

Time-saver for management

  • Get access to consolidated sales reporting
  • Effortlessly monitor your inventory, both in-house and online
Boost operational efficiency

Simplify your workflow

  • Use one device instead of dozens of tablets
  • Easily update your online menus in one place, for multiple channels and locations
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Restaurant chains & Deliverect: a success story

"With Deliverect, we save time, manpower and labor, while simultaneously simplifying things.”

Jorge Da Silva - Director of Restaurant Operations Ryu - Canada

"By taking out the person punching in orders, we are saving a lot of time and manpower, and limiting errors.”

Camillo Fresco - Co-founder Poutineville - Canada

"Deliverect has improved our efficiency and reduced mistakes in delivery orders, boosting our customer satisfaction, which in turn will increase our orders.”

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Grace Yeh - Co-founder Brigade Pizza - Canada