Retail / FMCG

Deliverect doesn’t only team up with restaurants, we also help retail and FMCG businesses to reach their full delivery operations potential.

Grocery delivery

Delivery for enterprises

Working with us allows you to manage your delivery services more efficiently. Whether it’s food, personal items or something else: your customers expect a swift and flawless delivery as soon as possible.

By integrating your online orders into your ERP system, Deliverect can help you meet your customers’ needs. You’ll have a single point of contact for all your integrations.

What's in it for you?

Deliver your products and goods straight to your end consumers

save money 78x78
Additional sales channel to reach your customers

With a custom open API, we connect with your ERP system to integrate all your orders

stock management 78x78
Our software allows you to efficiently manage and update your stock

FMCG & Deliverect: a success story


Unilever success story

"Being on board with Deliverect allows us to scale directly to consumer operations within a streamlined back-office IT architecture."


Rachelle Schuimer, Global Lead Digital Store & Journey UnileverNOW at Unilever
FMCG business with 1000+ locations worldwide