Single restaurants

By automating delivery management, Deliverect  brings restaurants closer to their customers - no matter your size or number of locations.

Coffee shop staff

Multi-platform delivery without the hassle

  • We integrate all your online ordering services with your existing POS

  • We send all your delivery orders to your POS in real-time and automatically print order tickets in the kitchen

  • You can manage all your online orders using one tablet

  • Work with multiple third-party delivery platforms with no additional effort

  • Stop worrying about VAT compliance

What's in it for you?


Save time

Time-saver for floor and kitchen staff

  • Order tickets no longer have to be copied into your POS
  • With orders syncing automatically, you save time and avoid mistakes
Analyze and grow your business

Time-saver for management

  • Get access to consolidated sales reporting
  • Effortlessly monitor your inventory, both in-house and online
Simplify your workflow

Simplify your workflow

  • Use one device instead of dozens of tablets
  • Easily update your online menus in one place, for multiple channels
Matcha Mafia
Oliver Green
It's All Greek To Me

Single restaurants & Deliverect: a success story

"Deliverect helped us connect our delivery channels to our POS system, so we can now easily update our live inventory and gain insights on our bestsellers."

It's All Greek To Me
Pantelis Zirinis - Owner It's All Greek To Me - UK

"The integration reduces time as well as mistakes, which improves the user experience for our customers."

The Regency Club
Rahul Sharma - Director The Regency Club - UK

"Every day, I get a report on our sales. It gives me an overview of our revenue and tells me how much comes from each delivery platform and from our in-store retail."

Matcha Mafia
Alexander Dengler - Owner Matcha Mafia - The Netherlands