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Ryu Sushi is pushing delivery to new heights, supported by Deliverect

Since its inception in 2008, Ryu has been offering high-end sushi and a sophisticated Japanese-inspired dining experience. The Canadian brand is part of a larger restaurant group, which also includes its sister brands Livia Café, a coffee and matcha bar, and Ayla, a brand-new Mediterranean restaurant.

“Eating at Ryu means enjoying a fine dining experience at a premium location,” says Jorge Da Silva, Director of Restaurant Operations. “At Ryu, we continuously strive for excellence. We prepare our dishes with the highest quality standards, using fresh and sustainably-sourced seafood and ingredients. Ryu has become so well-reputed because we care about quality, originality and attention to detail in a unique setting.” 


Scaling delivery operations with Deliverect

Ryu sushi rollRyu - which means ‘dragon’ in Japanese - has been offering takeout since the very beginning, so it has seen the evolution of off-premises dining first hand. According to Jorge, the restaurant would do around 10 to 15 take-out orders a night in the early days, whereas today the average number of orders ranges between 50 and 80 a night. “Takeout has taken on a whole new level,” he reaffirms. “We also started with delivery around a year ago, in 2019. In light of the COVID-19 crisis, we have now started scaling, getting on more applications to increase our visibility.”

“When we reopened in April we signed up with DoorDash and Uber Eats, and although we were able to manage our delivery orders, we soon felt that we needed to simplify the way we work. Cluster, which is the point-of-sale system that we use at Ryu, told us about Deliverect and how they integrate with third parties like Uber Eats. That’s how we came to join Deliverect!”

“Deliverect allows us to be more efficient - which is crucial for a busy restaurant like us. Before, we were punching in orders, rushing and double checking for mistakes. With Deliverect, orders print in the kitchen and on bills. It saves time, manpower and labor, while simultaneously simplifying things.”


"Deliverect enables us to modify our delivery schedule, so instead of updating every app on its own, we can just go through our Deliverect account." - Jorge Da Silva, Director of Restaurant Operations


Saving costs and ramping up efficiency

“Previously, we had one person just on the phone and another working with the delivery apps,” Jorge continues. “That’s now all in the past. From an operational point of view, saving staff costs in times like these is so valuable. And once restaurants fully reopen, it’s going to take time for people to get used to dining out and feeling safe again. That’s why investing in delivery - and in simplifying the delivery process - is a decision we were happy to make.” 

Ryu sushi takeaway box“Deliverect enables us to modify our delivery schedule, so instead of updating every app on its own, we can just go through our Deliverect account. And it’s the same for menu items and descriptions: I have to add them once for each language and they will sync to all the different platforms!”

According to Jorge, with delivery Ryu has a valuable added channel. “Now, we can serve even more customers that we wouldn’t have been able to have because of limited capacity in our restaurants. The only difference is that a part of our orders is now off-premises… But that doesn’t mean you won’t get the Ryu experience! Our custom designed (and recyclable) take-out bento boxes reflect our brand personality and they’ll change the way you eat sushi at home, making it a fun and exciting experience.”

How Deliverect helps Ryu delight its customers

  • Easy menu builder to adjust all delivery platform menus
  • Greater focus on delivering a top customer experience
  • Error reduction and faster delivery process

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