Chain restaurants

Deliverect aims to simplify the lives of chain restaurant owners and staff by giving them the best software to manage and optimize their delivery operations at multiple locations.

How does Deliverect help restaurant chains?

Working with us can help you manage your delivery from multiple locations more efficiently, freeing up time of both your staff members and yourself. Food delivery has never been so easy!

This is how we can help

  • We integrate all your third-party delivery platforms in your POS, so orders are automatically sent to your restaurant point-of-sale system
  • Say goodbye to manually retyping order receipts in your POS
  • Avoid mistakes and win time not having to re-enter orders
  • Manage all your locations from one master account
  • Create custom access rights for both management and staff
  • Delivery order tickets are auto-printed in your kitchen
  • Manage your orders in one place
  • Easily update all your online menus in one place
  • Receive reporting so you can analyze and grow your restaurant
  • Stop worrying about VAT compliance

Restaurant chains & Deliverect: a success story

Since we started using Deliverect, our online orders are automated and we save a lot of time and increase efficiency

Andrés Luzón – Operational manager Goiko Grill - Spain

Absurd Bird boosted time of delivery and ratings, leading to higher visibility on the Uber Eats app

Norbert Swierad - Operations Manager Absurd Bird - UK

Order prep time is reduced, since staff no longer have to type tickets over again

Eva Urlings– COO Bavet - Belgium