Dark / Cloud kitchens

A dark kitchen - also called ghost kitchen, virtual kitchen or cloud kitchen - is a professional kitchen whose main purpose is to prepare delivery-only meals. This type of restaurant sells meals through one or multiple  online delivery platforms. There’s no dining area for customers but these kitchens sometimes do have a waiting area for delivery couriers or walk-in customers who are picking up their meals.

How does Deliverect help dark kitchens?

Signing up with us has numerous advantages for your cloud kitchen business:

This is how we can help

  • Manage multiple brands from one account
  • Get a clear overview of all orders, through multiple delivery channels, in one place
  • Auto-print standardized order tickets which all use the same layout
  • Easily adjust and update your menus on all delivery platforms
  • Receive reporting so you can analyze and expand your dark kitchen

You're in good company


Cloud kitchens & Deliverect: a success story

The solution makes the delivery management process efficient, reliable and automated, adding a huge amount of value to our service model.

Majed Abukhater - CEO OneKitchen - United Arab Emirates

Since we use Deliverect, our online orders are automated and we save a lot of time and increase efficiency

Andrés Luzón – Operational manager Goiko Grill - Spain

Order prep time is reduced, since staff no longer have to type tickets over again

Eva Urlings– COO Bavet - Belgium