Deliverect dashboard with order overview

Food delivery management is effortless with our EPOS integrations

  • We push online orders directly to your EPOS. There's no need to manually punch in orders, ever again!
  • Order tickets are automatically printed in the kitchen, speeding up your delivery times.
  • Order statuses are fed back to the delivery partners. Estimated prep, wait and delivery times are more accurate.
  • Easily monitor all your delivery activities in one central dashboard.
  • Use one (EPOS) tablet to manage all delivery orders. The game of whack-a-mole with multiple tablets is over!

Boost revenue and increase operational efficiency

We use an API to set up a seamless integration between your existing EPOS and third-party delivery platforms, such as Uber Eats, Just Eat, Deliveroo, etc.

Orders come in through any of your delivery partners. They are then immediately sent to your point-of-sale system and printed in your kitchen.

The order integration streamlines your delivery operation, optimizing delivery times, staff efficiency, time management, and boosting delivery revenue.

Additionally, Deliverect provides you with a clear overview of all your online orders, sales revenues, and both offline and online inventories.




Our customers are loving it. Are you next?

"The integration reduces time as well as mistakes, which improves the user experience of our customers."

The Regency Club logo
Rahul Sharma - Director The Regency Club - UK

"Deliverect has improved our efficiency and reduced mistakes in delivery orders, boosting our customer satisfaction, which in turn will increase our orders."

Logo Brigade Pizza
Grace Yeh - Co-founder Brigade Pizza - Canada

“We were able to decrease the likelihood of human error that would result from working with several different softwares and tablets.”

Food Haven Logo
José Fabregat - Co-founder & CEO Food Haven - Spain

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