Tiller & Deliverect integration

Manage all your orders from your ePOS thanks to Tiller and Deliverect’s integration. Forget about dealing with multiple devices: Deliverect centralizes orders from platforms like Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats directly on your cash register. Save time and resources and don’t miss a single sale!

This integration requires a subscription to Deliverect and a free Tiller account.

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Tiller POS
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Some of Tiller's key features include:

  • Simplify your day-to-day by managing all your orders directly from your iPad POS system.
  • Receive delivery orders on the Tiller checkout interface, accompanied by an audible signal.
  • Access your dedicated delivery figures online and in real time: turnover generated by delivery, number of orders, peaks of activity and more.
  • Manage and modify your delivery menus independently in a few clicks.

How does the integration work?

Deliverect and Tiller work together to set up the integration with the different third-party delivery platforms you are working with. Once the integration is activated, all your online orders are automatically sent to your POS and kitchen printer. It's that simple!

Integration movie - Tiller (online-video-cutter.com)


Benefits of delivery order management

Multiple delivery channels

Receive orders from multiple delivery channels

  • No more manual entries
  • Eliminate tablet hell
  • Easily add unlimited platforms
POS integration

Orders are synced with your existing ePOS

  • Use your existing hardware & set-up
  • Faster delivery
  • Auto-print in the kitchen

Manage, analyze & grow your delivery operation

  • Easy menu builder
  • Reporting across all your channels
  • Spot new business opportunities