Single restaurants

Deliverect wants to bring restaurants closer to their customers, no matter the size or number of locations of your business.

How does Deliverect help single restaurants?

Working with us can help you make more money while saving time you can then use to focus on your core business: making your customers happy.

This is how we can help

  • We integrate all your third-party delivery platforms in your POS, so orders are automatically sent to your restaurant point-of-sale system
  • Say goodbye to manually retyping order receipts in your POS
  • Avoid mistakes and win time not having to re-enter orders
  • Delivery order tickets are auto-printed in your kitchen
  • Manage your orders in one place
  • Easily update all your online menus in one place
  • Receive reporting so you can analyze and grow your restaurant
  • Stop worrying about VAT compliance

Single restaurants & Deliverect: a success story

"According to the law, I wasn’t VAT compliant. Deliverect solved this issue and I don’t have to worry about this anymore.”

Bar Jan Cremer
Rudy Victor Ackaert - Owner Bar Jan Cremer - Belgium

"Deliverect helped us connect our delivery channels to our POS system, so we can now easily update our live inventory and gain insights on our best sellers."

It's All Greek To Me
Pantelis Zirinis - Owner It's All Greek To Me - UK