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Brigade Pizza on pioneering the Deliverect solution in Canada


Passionate about pizza making

Brigade Pizza is a family-run business founded by Grace Yeh and her husband Jean-Daniel Nadeau. Both certified pizzaiolos by the Vera Pizza Napoletana Association, they wanted to create an approachable restaurant where you can enjoy high-quality Neapolitan pizzas at affordable prices. Having recently celebrated its fifth anniversary, the fast casual pizzeria has become the go-to place for everyone with a taste for real Italian flavors and a homely atmosphere.

Expanding the business

With its original location in Montreal in full swing, Brigade Pizza recently opened a second branch - run under franchise - in Sherbrooke. “We’re looking for franchising partners who share our vision of preparing authentic, high-quality food that’s affordable and accessible to the mainstream,” explains Grace, co-founder of Brigade Pizza. “It’s not (only) about experience, it’s about passion. We hope to open more branches in the next coming years.”

Joining the delivery bandwagon

Brigade Pizza shopIn the past 3 to 4 years, delivery’s been growing steadily for Brigade. According to Grace, it keeps getting bigger every year. “When we set up the business, some of the third-party delivery platforms that are now major players weren’t even on the market yet. Today, in order to stay in the competition, you have to offer delivery - something that would be hard for us to do by ourselves. That’s where third-party delivery comes in.”

“When you sign up with an external delivery partner, there are upsides and downsides,” says Grace. “Of course you have the increase in revenue, which is a big advantage. The downside of it is that you do lose some of the control - you have to rely on that party -, but that’s the nature of the business.”

Relieving stress with Deliverect

With off-premise sales now accounting for around 10% of the business, Brigade Pizza recently joined Deliverect to scale its delivery operation. “In the beginning, we struggled with mistakes in the orders as our volumes were getting bigger,” explains Grace. “The integration means our people don’t have to double punch the orders anymore. It makes the job so much easier for the staff and it reduces mistakes. We’ve only been using the integration for a month (since September, 2019), but already it’s clear that we have fewer mistakes and fewer missed orders on our ordering platforms.”

Brigade PizzaOne of the Deliverect pioneers in its region, Brigade Pizza’s already sure they could never see themselves going back. “We’re a high-volume, high-taste restaurant and the delivery demand is only going to get bigger. In the short time that we’ve been integrated, we’ve noticed that there is less stress on the team and on the cashier in charge of taking on-site payments and delivery orders. And in terms of accounting the integration also saves us time. At the end of the day, it makes it much faster to reconcile and do our accounting.”

How Deliverect helps Brigade delight its customers

  • Easy menu builder to adjust all delivery platform menus
  • Greater focus on delivering a top customer experience
  • Error reduction and faster delivery process

“Before, we would have non-matching prices up for weeks - depending on the reaction time of our delivery partner. Today we can update menus with a few clicks.”

Brigade Pizza

Grace Yeh - Co-founder of Brigade Pizza

Tip of the iceberg

For Brigade, having the Deliverect integration helps reduce the downsides that come with third-party delivery management. “Before, we would have non-matching prices up for weeks - depending on the reaction time of our delivery partner. Today we can update menus with a few clicks.”

“We highly recommend the integration solution,” confirms Grace. “Deliverect has improved our efficiency and reduced mistakes in delivery orders, boosting our customer satisfaction, which in turn will increase our orders.”

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