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Deliverect powers delivery at Poutineville, as it raises the bar for poutine in Quebec

Poutine at PoutinevilleSince 2011, Poutineville has been making a name for itself as the reinventor Quebec’s best-loved dish.

Traditionally poutine consists of a mound of French fries topped with cheese curds and piping hot gravy. Poutineville’s founders Camillo Fresco and Kosta Kariotakis have completely reengineered the classic while respecting its fundamentals, adding different options for each part of the dish. By choosing their favorite from the wide selection of meats, cheeses, and gravies, and even four different preparations of the potato element, customers can create their own mountain of goodness.

“At Poutineville, you can make your own customized poutine or opt for one of the combos on our menu,” says Camillo Fresco, co-founder of Poutineville. “One of our signature dishes is ‘The Poutineville’, for which we use crushed potatoes that are then refried, fresh cheese curds, mozzarella, braised beef, and red wine sauce. But we’re not only doing poutine: we offer comfort food at its best, serving burgers, sandwiches, gourmet hot dogs and so much more.”


"I’m very happy with the integration because it results in fewer errors in transferring orders from the platforms to our POS system." - Camillo Fresco, co-founder of Poutineville


Raising the delivery game

Poutineville always offered takeout, but in 2018, Uber Eats launched in dozens of cities across Canada and food delivery platforms boomed.

“When we decided to start with delivery, we got on board with Uber Eats, Foodora, SkipTheDishes, and GOLO,” Camillo says. “Since we were already doing takeout, we were used to people phoning in orders and picking them up, but with the added delivery platforms we suddenly got a lot more orders. The delivery scene is very interesting for us, but it’s not easy to take orders, punch them in, and put them into our POS. This is where Deliverect is giving us a hand.”

PoutinesCamillo continues: “Deliverect facilitates the delivery process, enabling us to execute deliveries in a timely fashion. I’m very happy with the integration because it results in fewer errors in transferring orders from the platforms to our POS system. There’s also the time factor: previously, we had to put all orders through our POS for government reasons, having to give out a receipt to all customers. During supper time, we were getting bombarded with online orders, all of which had to be reprocessed by our staff. Now, the customer puts in their order with whichever platform they use, and our kitchen immediately gets it the way they want it. By taking out the person punching in orders, we are saving a lot of time and manpower, and limiting errors.”


"We’re looking forward to managing all these off-premises orders with Deliverect, which has always been able to quickly turn any problem into a solution."


A world of customization

One of the things that makes Poutineville so unique is that it gives customers the opportunity to create their own poutine from scratch. The team needed a platform that you could handle the complexity of the menu.

“The customer can choose what kind of potato they want, which cheeses, vegetables and meats to add, and of course we also have different gravies,” Camillo says. “But that also means that from a technical viewpoint, our menu and concept is very complicated as there are numerous items in millions of different combinations. I think it’s hard to find a menu that is more complex than ours, so we are really happy that the integration has worked out so well and we were able to adapt it to meet our needs. Once we get a menu integrated with Deliverect, with Cluster – our POS – and with the delivery platforms, we can manage our menu ourselves, and we can do anything!”

Poutineville's comfort food“Working with Deliverect is a win-win situation, I would recommend it to everyone. I believe that once things get back to normal after COVID-19, delivery will make up a larger percentage of Poutineville’s sales than before. We’re looking forward to managing all these off-premises orders with Deliverect. which has always been able to quickly turn any problem into a solution.”

Poutineville was planning on opening four new locations in 2020, but the plans unfortunately had to be put temporarily on hold due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Camillo: “Right now we’re in Quebec, but we’re coming back to Toronto soon. Our expansion will continue; we’re excited to share the poutine love with everyone!”

How Deliverect helps Poutineville delight its customers

  • Easy menu builder to adjust all delivery platform menus
  • Greater focus on delivering a top customer experience
  • Error reduction and faster delivery process

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