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We're on a mission to be the backbone of on-demand delivery! We give Food & Beverage businesses the tools they need to simplify and scale their online orders operation, while helping them connect with their customers by saving them precious time.

We're looking for bright minds to bring order in food tech. Is that you? Then join our team!


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Our purpose is to be the backbone of global online food ordering and delivery. We help businesses of all sizes with their online channels by solving their biggest operational pain points. Our ambitions, too, are big and bold: we want to empower restaurants around the world to set up online food ordering, connecting them to their customers. On top of that we want to build a happy and loyal customer base as we go.

Be captain of your own rocket ship

We want our team members to be happy and proud to work here, and to take ownership of their job. Our employees are given a lot of freedom to decide how to get the work done - without constant supervision. This doesn’t mean a free ride - we are big on results and focus on numbers. We take pride in this approach, trusting each team member to do their part and ask for help or guidance when needed.

Individually, we are one star. Together, we are a galaxy

Helping each other when someone reaches out and collaborating to solve problems comes naturally in our company. We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other. Our workplace is a safe haven, where we have honest, open communication, and everyone feels comfortable sharing both positive and constructive feedback.

Stars are made to sparkle

In our company, we combine work and pleasure. Therefore, celebrating success is a Deliverect cornerstone. Additionally, we believe fun is also about getting acknowledged for good work, giving each other compliments and showing appreciation. We magnify each other’s strengths, not weaknesses. 

An astronaut on the ground is safe, but that’s not what they are meant for

At Deliverect, there’s always room for creative ideas and suggestions, no matter the subject. If you’re onto a new innovative concept, there’s no one stopping you to take the initiative. Don’t think outside the box, simply think like there is no box: your only limit is your imagination!

Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars

We don’t expect everyone to know everything, but we do appreciate those willing to learn and to try and dare new things, even if you make mistakes. As long as your learn from your experience and you keep communicating openly with the customer and the team, we’ll always have your back. 

Perks and benefits

  • Completely flat company structure

  • A MacBook as your work gear

  • Great coffee, free snacks, and company social events!

  • Full transparency about the business - learn how to create a successful startup

  • And many more!