Qué dicen nuestros clientes de nosotros

Historias de éxito

Descubre lo que algunos de nuestros clientes tienen que decir acerca de trabajar con Deliverect. Alerta de spoiler: Están sobre la luna 🌙

Matcha Mafia
The Netherlands / Single restaurant

"Every day, I get a report on our sales. It gives me an overview of our revenue and how much comes from each delivery platform and from our in-store retail."

Poule & Poulette
Poule & Poulette / Restaurant chain

"Deliverect allows us to monitor kitchen efficiency and analyze our delivery operation - something which was almost impossible in the past."

The Regency Club
UK / Single restaurant

"The integration reduces time as well as mistakes, which improves the user experience of our customers.”

UK / Restaurant chain

“The manual process of having to key in all the orders increased labor and often led to mistakes. After signing up with Deliverect, we were able to streamline that process."

Hanai by Food Haven
Spain / Dark kitchen

“Gracias a nuestra asociación con Deliverect, somos capaces de agilizar todas las órdenes que llegan desde las diferentes plataformas de despachos, y minimizar las probabilidades de errores humanos que resultarían de trabajar con varios programas y tablas diferentes.”

It's All Greek To Me
UK / Single restaurant

"Deliverect nos ayudo a conectar nuestros canales de despacho a nuestro sistema de POS, así que ahora podemos actualizar fácilmente nuestro inventario en vivo y obtener información de nuestros best sellers."

United Arab Emirates / Dark kitchen

“The solution makes the delivery management process efficient, reliable and automated, adding a huge amount of value to our service model.”

Belgium / Restaurant chain

"We have more time and energy to connect with our customers"

Lucy Chang
Belgium / Restaurant chain

"El constructor de menús ha sido un cambio de paradigma para el back office."

Absurd Bird
UK / Restaurant chain

"Absurd Bird boosted time of delivery and ratings, leading to higher visibility on the Uber Eats app"

Thunderbird Fried Chicken
UK / Restaurant chain

"Deliverect frees us up from the burden of entering incoming tickets into the till. Instead, we focus on great food and perfect timing and the orders automatically go straight into the kitchens."

Salsa Shop
The Netherlands / Restaurant chain

"All orders from Uber Eats, Thuisbezorgd or Deliveroo are managed centrally"

Bar Jan Cremer
Belgium / Single restaurant

"According to the law, I wasn’t VAT compliant. Deliverect solved this issue and I don’t have to worry about this anymore.”