CAP POS & Deliverect integration

EASY STORE helps Retailers simplify the management of their daily tasks and enhance the customer experience across their points of sale through its hardware solutions and innovative applications: in-store collection, cataloguing, clienteling, order taking & mobile payment, Click & Collect, … Thanks to its unique customer management and omnichannel shopping basket, CapInfo eliminates all existing frictions between the various different channels.

This integration requires a subscription to CAP POS and a subscription to Deliverect.

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CAP POS most important features

  • Feature-rich: CAP POS is equipped with numerous checkout features enabling you to meet the demands of your customers. In addition, its intuitive interface makes it easy to use and reduces training costs.
  • Inter-Operability: Take advantage of an open and flexible technical architecture so you can integrate CAP POS easily into your existing information system, in particular using its web services library.
  • Autonomous mode: Secure your in-store transactions with autonomous mode and continue your activity even if you lose connection with your data centre.
  • Security: Benefit from a highly secure solution with its high level configuration of user access rights and that meets regulatory requirements, such as Article 88.

Benefits of delivery order management

Multiple delivery channels

Receive orders from multiple delivery channels

  • No more manual entries
  • Eliminate tablet hell
  • Easily add unlimited platforms
POS integration

Orders are synced with your existing POS

  • Use your existing hardware & setup
  • Faster delivery
  • Auto-print in the kitchen

Manage, analyze & grow your delivery operation

  • Easy menu builder
  • Reporting across all your channels
  • Spot new business opportunities