Nōwn & Deliverect integration

At Nōwn, we want to make commerce a more personal, seamless and connected experience. We want to humanize transactional experiences and make it meaningful for every person. Our approach blends technology and the human touch to help businesses know their customers and keep them coming back. We’re bringing people, data and technology together to power those small, everyday moments of positive emotional interaction. We are a point of sale that puts people first.

This integration requires a subscription to Deliverect and Nōwn.

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Key Features of Nōwn

  1. Customer Recognition - Nōwn recognizes your loyal customers and displays their name, picture and purchase history.
  2. Rewards (Loyalty) Program - Customers join your rewards program and receive discounts based on the points they earn.
  3. Mobile Pre-Orders - Customers order and pay ahead using the app. No lines necessary. 
  4. Digital gift cards - Gives customers the ability to buy, redeem and refill digital cards from your website and app. Funds are directly transferred to your bank with no transaction fees. With our hands-free payment solution, customers never have to search for their wallet or phone to pay for a meal with their cards.