Uber Eats & Deliverect integration

Deliverect's partnership with Uber Eats makes using this major delivery channel a breeze for operators.

  • Uber Eats orders push directly into your POS system, eliminating the need to re-punch orders, saving time and reducing errors.

  • Uber Eats orders print directly to your kitchen using your existing printer configurations and facilitating faster delivery.

  • Your Uber Eats menu can be managed and altered from a central menu manager in Deliverect, along with all your other delivery menus.

This integration requires a subscription to Uber Eats and a subscription to Deliverect.

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What's in it for you?

  • Not having to manually re-punch orders into your POS saves time and eliminates mistakes
  • Your employees no longer have to handle incoming orders and multiple tablets, so they can shift their focus back to serving customers
  • From the Deliverect dashboard, you can centrally manage multi-platform menus for multiple locations and/or virtual brands
  • The integration enables online and offline inventory syncing in your POS, making it easier to manage stock
  • Your POS reporting includes your online sales channels, so you can easily analyze results and grow your business

Benefits of delivery order management

Multiple delivery channels

Receive orders from multiple delivery channels

  • No more manual entries
  • Eliminate tablet hell
  • Easily add unlimited platforms
POS integration

Orders are synced with your existing POS

  • Use your existing hardware & setup
  • Faster delivery
  • Auto-print in the kitchen

Manage, analyze & grow your delivery operation

  • Easy menu builder
  • Reporting across all your channels
  • Spot new business opportunities