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How Deliverect helped Absurd Bird boost revenue in just 3 weeks

Based in England, Absurd Bird has provided a unique blend of fried chicken, cocktails and tunes with a Deep South flare in a premium, fast-casual setting since 2016. With delivery channels growing in popularity and consumer trends changing, Operations Manager Norbert Swierad leapt on board – but quickly sought the perfect way of simplifying order and delivery processes.


Embracing the potential of delivery

Absurd Bird started out by offering a traditional dine-in restaurant experience, but quickly embraced delivery from the earliest beginnings of the trend. “The rise of delivery hit the food and hospitality industry so quickly,” says Norbert. “Over the three years we’ve been operating, we’ve seen almost every restaurant in our area begin working with delivery channels.” What Norbert believes is the key to delivery success? “Making world-class food, selecting the right packaging and getting it to the customer’s doorstep as quickly as possible,” he asserts.

“The key to success? Making world-class food, selecting the right packaging and getting it to the customer’s doorstep as quickly as possible.” - Norbert Swierad, operations manager at Absurd Bird

In selecting a delivery channel, Norbert went with Uber Eats. “In fact, we were one of the first 100 restaurants to sign up for Uber Eats,” he explains. “They came in with an aggressive offer and a powerful database. We quickly realized that this is the future of the market.”


Control and efficiency for great customer experiences

But almost as soon as Absurd Bird began offering delivery services, Norbert was on the lookout for a way to optimize order handling and menu control. “The process of accepting, processing and fulfilling orders wasn’t as efficient as it could be,” he says. “I started working with Deliverect because the platform simplifies everything. There are no distractions, there’s one single interface. There’s no opportunity for human error – the chefs get the perfect order from the customer with the press of a button, without any need for repeated processes or manual intervention.”

Absird BirdDeliverect also offers Norbert the ability to add pictures to every menu item, rapidly change menus and offer special menus for events or certain days of the week. “We design the menu from the backend, rather than using what the delivery channel offers, and we can make instant updates,” he explains. “Every single item has a great picture and description – customers really rely on this to make their choices.”

How Deliverect helps Absurd Bird optimize delivery

  • Streamlined customer ticketing without manual retyping
  • Error reduction and faster delivery process
  • Higher delivery platform ranking

“Before Deliverect, customers would have to scroll through 20 other options before finding Absurd Bird in the app,” Norbert continues. “But with this increase in efficiency, we can deliver the absolute best experience to the customer, and they can see it. In a matter of weeks, we saw a 20 to 30% increase in revenue that was directly tied to the integration.”

Absurd Bird

Norbert Swierad - Operations manager at Absurd Bird

Results that speak for themselves

In three weeks following the Deliverect implementation, Absurd Bird boosted time of delivery and ratings, leading to higher visibility on the Uber Eats app.

Today, Absurd Bird makes delivery excellence a priority. “With Deliverect, there’s no extra stress on our staff. It has completely changed the way we do business on a fundamental level, and working with the Deliverect team is always a great experience.” Norbert laughs. “We’re all friends now.”

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