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How Deliverect is helping BRGR BRGR keep delivery simple

A place so nice they named it twice

Founded in the fall of 2019, BRGR BRGR is one of British Columbia’s newest burger joints. The restaurant was created by three dads - Josh, Seamus and Kenton - who wanted to be able to pop into a burger place, with their kids, and feel comfortable and good about the food they were eating.


“BRGR BRGR is very different from a traditional fast-food restaurant,” says Dustin Haffner, Regional Manager of BRGR BRGR. “We wanted to offer a nice space to sit in, and a simple menu that allows us to focus on making each and every item awesome. We’re all about quality and providing a place that feels good for both adults and kids.”

“We believe in knowing where our food comes from, supporting our local community and farms,” he continues. “That’s why we serve farm-based burgers, paired with local craft beer. One of our most popular burgers on the menu is the ‘JRRK CHKN BRGR’, which has fried local organic chicken, slaw, pickles, creamy Thai sauce and 9 chilli spices delivering a nicely balanced heat.”


Focusing on order precision

BRGR BRGR 3BRGR BRGR opened in February 2020, so the restaurant has had to rely 100% on delivery and takeout to get through COVID-19. Dustin: “Before the pandemic, delivery and takeout represented about 25% of our orders. But the past few months it’s what has been keeping us alive. That’s why we were looking to simplify operations, and use our time and resources more efficiently.”

“We work with Uber Eats, DoorDash and SkipTheDishes, so we were managing multiple tablets. We found that we were spending a lot of time inputting orders, and risking mistakes while doing it. Deliverect has helped us eliminate human error. It allows our employees to focus on food quality and order precision instead of managing the POS. We can now manage all our delivery parameters from one source.”


"We found that we were spending a lot of time inputting orders, and risking mistakes while doing it. Deliverect has helped us eliminate human error." - Dustin Haffner, General Manager at BRGR BRGR


Expansion plans

As of late May, restaurants in British Columbia have been allowed to reopen dine-in services - following safety protocols. “In phase 1 of the reopening period we have been doing 50% of orders in-house, meaning half our orders at this point are still coming from delivery and takeout,” Dustin continues. “We’ve recently opened up a ghost kitchen in Vancouver, and we’ve got plans to build out locally into a few more locations in the coming years. BRGR BRGR is only just getting started!”



How Deliverect helps BRGR BRGR delight its customers

  • All deliveries displayed in one clear overview
  • Greater focus on delivering a top customer experience
  • Error reduction and faster delivery process

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