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Deliverect plays a pivotal role in Byte to Bite’s exponential growth


Deliverect - Byte to Bite Testimonial


Byte to Bite runs multiple restaurant brands in LA. The concept was dreamt up by Paul and Alan Moore at the start of 2020 to take advantage of the demand for off-premises dining that they were seeing.

After helping legendary Hollywood neighborhood restaurant Cheebo go digital, they developed several popular brands optimized for delivery operating out of ghost kitchens around the city.

Using a data-driven approach they’ve seen astonishing success over a short period as COO Paul Moore explains: “We started this wild ride a year ago with one restaurant in Hollywood, and today, we now have seven kitchens based around the Los Angeles area.” 

Spreading kitchens out across Tinsel Town, they have been able to cover a large delivery area of potential customers, from Hollywood, Koreatown, and Westside, to Long Beach and Burbank. The ambitious duo isn’t stopping there, as there are four more kitchens already in the pipeline to cover South Bay and areas of Long Beach.


"With Deliverect, we were able to ditch the tablet madness and manage orders from multiple platforms at multiple locations from one dashboard." - Paul Moore, Co-Founder and COO of Byte to Bite


Transitioning to a delivery-only model


Originally, the team was running brick-and-mortar restaurants as well as virtual restaurant brands but that all changed in 2020.

“In March last year, we had to madly scramble and turn basically into a delivery-only operation,” Paul says, “We partner with Postmates, Uber Eats, Grubhub, and Doordash.”

As the operation grew during this challenging time, it wasn’t possible to simply continue processing orders in the same way. As brands and locations were added, there was far more complexity to deal with. For Paul, it comes down to some simple maths.

“We started with one tablet,” he reveals, ”We now have 25 brands, so that’s 25 tablets per store. We use four platforms, so that’s 100 for seven kitchens. Then you end up at 700 tablets. If we put those on the wall, it would be a bewildering display of technological brilliance, that nobody would be able to use."

With Deliverect, they were able to ditch the tablet madness and manage orders from multiple platforms at multiple locations from one dashboard.


Chuck's Chicken & Waffles


Deliverect helps Byte to Bite impress the demanding delivery platforms


As Byte to Bite successfully added more and more brands, the next challenge was optimizing operations to hit the tough standards set by the delivery platforms.

“Uber Eats or Postmates is judging you based on how quickly you accept the order, how quickly you prepared the food and how quickly you handed the food off,” co-founder and CEO Alan Moore adds, “So Deliverect has given us candidly the best solution we’ve seen by far in terms of easy processing of orders, efficient processing, and also cooking and hand-off is all recorded.”

Not only does achieving these targets make the operation run more smoothly and efficiently, it also boosts each restaurant’s ranking on the platforms. Super important in the competitive LA delivery marketplace.

Paul explains how Deliverect’s integration with POS provider Square and menu management features helped them stay on top of orders without a huge outlay on new equipment: “Deliverect allows you to consolidate all of the platforms onto one screen integrated directly with Square, which we had in all of our stores. It was great. We didn’t have to buy a whole bunch of new hardware and we can control all of our menus from one single master table.”


Cheebo express


Deliverect: a partner that delivers on the promise


Having tried out a number of solutions and finding many lacking on execution, Alan reveals his thoughts after working with Deliverect: “It’s been a delight to find a partner in what we’d overall consider the delivery space as good as Deliverect.”

Deliverect’s consolidation of delivery platforms and effective order management system has been a key feature of Byte to Bite’s rapid success. Deliverect has enabled Bye to Bite to grow quickly and add more locations while maintaining the high quality of the service and the food.

”Most people talk a good game,” Alan concludes, “Deliverect not only talk it, but they’ve delivered it.”

How Deliverect helps virtual kitchens like Byte to Bite

  • Streamlined customer ticketing without manual re-punching
  • Easy menu builder to adjust all delivery platform menus
  • Error reduction and faster delivery process

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