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Ghost kitchen Casper strives for operational excellence - with Deliverect’s help


Casper burgerMarch ‘20 saw a new player arrive on Ghent’s food delivery scene: Casper. The friendly ghost kitchen is brought to you by Peter Van Praet, who also founded Bavet, one of Belgium’s most popular restaurant collections. Casper, which is essentially Bavet’s little brother, is a delivery-only restaurant aka ghost kitchen that aims to conquer the delivery market with quality comfort food at reasonable prices. 

“We want to provide a quality label with our own brands,” explains Amerigo Delli Bove, General Manager at Casper. “As our tagline ‘Your Food Friend Next Door’ says, we want to be there whenever you need or want food at home, in the office or wherever you are. We’ve created several food brands to cater to different tastes. At the moment, our offer includes traditional dishes, lasagna with Bavet sauces, juicy burgers, plant-based food and desserts. We’re also planning a collaboration with Pascale Naessens - something you’ll see soon enough!”


Have your cake and eat it too

One of the greatest things about Casper - next to its tasty comfort food - is its ‘multi-basket tool’, according to Amerigo. “Imagine you’re with a group of friends or you’re having a family dinner, and you can’t make up your mind about what kind of food you want to order. If some people want a healthy salad and the others want a burger, that means you’d have to order from two separate restaurants, and pay a delivery fee twice. With Casper, that’s in the past! You can order different types of food in one order, an additional service we’re very happy to provide to our customers.” 


Working with Deliverect? A no brainer

Although Casper is brand new, the virtual restaurant has a very clear vision on how to strive for operational excellence. “Before Casper, I’ve worked for Bavet for a few years,” Amerigo explains. “I’ve seen first hand what the ‘before Deliverect’ story looks like; spending your time filling in every single order in the POS and risking mistakes with a full house on a Saturday night. There was no doubt in our minds that Casper was going to go with Deliverect. We wanted the orders to go directly to the kitchen display system, and our team to be able to focus on the food and delivery prep. We strive to get in as many orders as we can, so it’s just not an option for our staff to be busy with inserting tickets in the POS.”

Sweet Lab Exotic Parfait by CasperThe ability to control all Casper’s menus from the back end is another key feature of Deliverect, according to Amerigo. “I can create and update menus and add new products without having to go on site. It’s very convenient for Uber Eats and Deliveroo, and I hope Takeaway.com will be available for menu synchronization soon!”



"I’ve seen first hand what the ‘before Deliverect’ story looks like; spending your time filling in every single order in the POS and risking mistakes with a full house on a Saturday night." - Amerigo Delli Bove, General Manager at Casper



Taking customer feedback to heart 

Bertha Beef Stew with sweet potato fries by Casper“We believe customer feedback enables our company to move forwards, as we are data driven,” Amerigo continues. “One of the most satisfying moments for me is when I can turn an unhappy customer into a happy one. We use the Deliverect ‘Click & Collect’ site for takeout, and it’s a great channel to respond to customer damage. On the customer’s end, the Click & Collect page is easy to use, so it gives them yet another convenient option to order their food.”

The Casper team is ambitious: only one and a half months after its launch in Ghent, they’re now opening a second kitchen in Antwerp. Amerigo: “We’re on a mission to conquer Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg in the following two years. And after that, we may head to France, Poland or Germany - who knows what the future will bring! We’re a young, agile team and our daily motto is let’s go for it!”

How Deliverect helps Casper delight its customers

  • Manage multiple brands from one account
  • Greater focus on delivering a top customer experience
  • Manage all delivery orders from multiple channels in one place

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