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Deliverect helps De Pizzabakkers win back time and energy


Pizza & prosecco

With over 10 years of experience, De Pizzabakkers is one of the biggest players in the Dutch restaurant industry. The restaurant chain, which opened its very first location in Amsterdam in 2009, currently has 23 restaurants all across the Netherlands.

Pizzabakkers ProseccoDe Pizzabakkers prides itself on its homemade, high-quality Roman wood-fired pizza, which you can pair with a glass of Prosecco. "Combining pizza and Prosecco adds a fresh twist to the guest experience," says Siang-Lan Go, Co-Founder of De Pizzabakkers. "But more than that, we also take on a community activity role: our restaurants are cozy and accessible, so they provide a setting where you can relax and spend time with friends and family... and enjoy pizza at its very best!”

One of the most popular pizzas - one that has been on the menu from the very beginning - is the Pizza Tartufo, a pizza bianca with mozzarella, egg, cooked ham, truffle cream sauce and parsley. A newer favorite with guests of De Pizzabakkers is the Pizza Campagnola, a vegetarian pizza with gorgonzola, mozzarella, zucchini, artichoke, sun-dried tomatoes and basil. And because De Pizzabakkers is a place for everyone that enjoys pizza, regardless of their diet, you can also order the latter as a vegan pizza.


"Since we started using the Deliverect online ordering system, phone orders have decreased significantly, allowing our employees to focus on our in-house guests."


Extra time for the guest

"Before we started working with Deliverect, we already had many orders to go," says Robert-Jan Goes, Franchise and Restaurant Consultant at De Pizzabakkers. “Back then, our guests phoned in their order before picking up their meal. We started looking for an online order system because we noticed an increasing demand among our customers. That's how we ended up joining forces with Deliverect. ”

"Since we started using the Deliverect online ordering system, phone orders have decreased significantly, allowing our employees to focus on our in-house guests," Robert-Jan continues. “We don't have to invest as much operational energy into our pick-up orders. That helps win back time we can invest into making our guests feel welcome.”


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Harnessing the POS integration

Pizza delivery is also one of the ordering options at De Pizzabakkers. "We have been testing with delivery for a long time," says Siang-Lan. “Initially we were looking into 1 platform, but we ended up connecting with multiple ones because of the Coronavirus. The fact that we can integrate all these delivery platforms and our online ordering system directly with our Lightspeed POS system is one of the biggest advantages of Deliverect. ”

Pizzabakkers“Indeed, because of the pandemic, we had to roll out Deliverect’s services at lightning speed,” Robert-Jan confirms. “Deliverect's customer service is extremely helpful, responsive, and solves problems right away.”

According to Siang-Lan, the global crisis caused the focus to be on streamlining the existing operations in the new situation. “But we do have new openings planned already. I can imagine there are still a number of cities where people are waiting for our tasty pizza!”

How Deliverect helps De Pizzabakkers delight its customers

  • Greater focus on delivering a top customer experience
  • Manage all delivery orders from multiple channels in one place
  • All deliveries displayed in one clear overview

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