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Small-sized chickens for great success: the story of Franggo


In 2017, a new classic Portuguese restaurant popped up in Amsterdam. Franggo is all about chicken, traditionally prepared a the charcoal grill. And with a product that’s perfect for takeaway and delivery purposes, it’s no coincidence that “frango” - Portuguese for “small-sized chicken” - is spelled with a double “G”. It’s chicken on the go!

“Chicken’s our core business,” explains Sebastien Figueiredo Soares, owner of Franggo. “Our concept is centered around well-priced, authentic food in a casual setting. We even imported our charcoal grill from Portugal and trained most of our staff there, as well, so we can guarantee the authenticity of your meals.”


The goose that laid the golden eggs

After its first two years in business, Franggo gained a huge following in Amsterdam. So much so that a second branch was opened in 2019. Expanding activities seemed the best course of action so Franggo wouldn’t lose customers to competing businesses. With its expansion came the need for further professionalization: enter Deliverect!

Franggo Piri Piri chicken“We’ve been pairing up with Deliverect for our deliveries since early 2019,” Sebastien confirms. “If you ask me what the biggest asset of the solution is, I’d say it’s all about the overview. All our orders are now displayed in one portal. And of course, we no longer need to punch in orders by hand, which is how mistakes were made most of the time. We’ve found peace of mind again.”

"This new-found peacefulness allows us to run the restaurant more efficiently"


No way back

The Deliverect partnership proves vital, according to Sebastien. “Without Deliverect, in the long run we’d have to hire a new employee to accept deliveries and enter them into our POS system full-time. These staffing costs would then have to be passed on to our customers somehow, which is something we want to avoid at all costs.”

“This new-found peacefulness allows us to run the restaurant more efficiently. We can tend to guests at the counter, even when an order is coming in at exactly the same time. In the past, that was almost inconceivable. Another big plus is the categorizing of our orders - helping us to see clearly when each order is going to get picked up.”

“There’s no doubt about it,” he continues. “There’s no way back for us, we only see a future with Deliverect!”

How Deliverect helps Franggo with delivery management

  • All deliveries displayed in one clear overview
  • Greater focus on delivering a top customer experience
  • Error reduction thanks to third-party platform integration in the restaurant POS

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