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Green House’s story: shifting the delivery experience from afterthought to thoughtful 



Feeding your mind, brain and body

Green House 2Based in London, Green House has been on a special mission since its inception in 2019. With its high-quality, nutrient-rich and natural food, the restaurant wants to boost your brain power, improve your mood, and optimize your personal performance. “We make our food from scratch, without preservatives or additives,” explains Frederic Janssen, Green House’s founder. “Green House has no secrets, no unpronounceable ingredients, and no shortcuts. We want to help you be the best version of yourself, by offering food that fuels your mind, brain and body.”

“When I realized that food has a profound impact on your ability to focus, perform well, feel energised, and tackle personal challenges, that’s when I started Green House,” Frederic continues. “It’s been an incredible journey so far, and I’m so happy to see so many people joining in. There’s no quick fix in life, but you can get so much more done by eating real, nutritious food, as it should be.” 


"We want to create a dialogue through our packaging and personalized notes, generating a unique delivery moment for each guest.” - Frederic Janssen, founder of Green House


Disrupting the delivery experience

Green House is a delivery-only business, so obviously the delivery experience is crucial to its success. Frederic: “From the get-go, we wanted to shift the delivery experience from afterthought to thoughtful. We wanted to create a dialogue through our packaging and personalized notes, generating a unique delivery moment for each guest.”

Green House 4“I’ve always loved the restaurant dine-in experience. It’s an experience that can make people feel either really good, or leave them indifferent. I always compare a good dining experience with a good movie: it’s rare and hard to create. You need to have all your ducks in a row to make that experience memorable and picture perfect.”

“Being a delivery-only concept, the challenge for Green House was to recreate that interaction with the customer without actually seeing them. A mix of thoughtful gestures, packaging, messaging and social media really helps drive that home. But most importantly, I believe in consistency. If you can deliver what you promise consistently, you’ve won half the battle already. That is why Deliverect was an important stepping stone for us - as the data we gather helps us focus on the right consumer needs out there.”


"Data helps you manage your profit line in this industry, and Deliverect helped us gain control over that data so we could visualize our results better and streamline our operation.”


Consolidating data with Deliverect

According to Frederic, restaurant operations have evolved tremendously over the past ten years. “There is an app for everything, and it’s all relatively accessible,” he says. “The hard part is connecting all these platforms so they can talk to and interact with each other. That is where Deliverect was a godsend for us. We needed a way to extract info from sales platforms packed with data, so we could funnel that through our other IT systems. Deliverect does that seamlessly.”

“Data helps you manage your profit line in this industry, and Deliverect helped us gain control over that data so we could visualize our results better and streamline our operation. The integration with our Square POS resulted in less manual work and clearer reporting, which in turn creates better decision making. Deliverect also helped us automate the order process, from printing tickets to efficient and sustainable kitchen display systems.”


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Healthy food - and functional menus

“Another feature that we love here at Green House, is the direct menu upload to the different delivery platforms. It enables us to feature a special very easily, by ourselves. We no longer have to go through dozens of emails with the platforms, only to see that something has gone wrong, and having to wait another 48 hours for any changes to be made.”

It’s really important to Green House to be able to change and update menus quickly, and efficiently. “We change our offering based on what your body and mind need during a specific season. We even consult with clinical nutritionists to make sure we use the right ingredients to help you deal with stress, and have higher energy and focus levels. Our wellbeing salads, such as the anti-stress and focus salad, are some of our high sellers.” 

With plans to expand both in the UK and abroad, the future's looking bright for Green House. The food company even launched two brand-new virtual brands in May ‘20, which align well with Green House’s core missions and values. Scrunch focuses on easy-to-eat sandwiches packed with versatile ingredients and flavours. Slurp is all about out-of-the-box pasta that makes you feel good at any time of the day. So what are you waiting for?

How Deliverect helps virtual restaurants like Green House

  • Financial reporting using centralized data
  • Greater focus on delivering a top customer experience
  • Easy menu builder to adjust all delivery platform menus

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