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Deliverect helps Greenway generate more revenue through delivery


Pioneer of plant-based food


"Plant-based for meat lovers". It's been Greenway's tagline since day one. Founded in 1996, the Belgian restaurant chain today has 5 locations, one of which is a cloud kitchen. That means you can only order food for delivery or takeout, as there is no dine-in area.

Greenway was one of the first Belgian restaurant chains to specialize in plant-based food. The restaurant's mission? Convince everyone, even flexitarians and meat lovers, that vegan food is surprisingly tasty. “We want to delight meat lovers with flavorful plant-based dishes,” says Cedric Hanet, co-owner of Greenway. "We even test our dishes specifically with meat eaters."


"Working with multiple platforms was possible only if we had a system like Deliverect, which centralizes all orders, and forwards them to our POS." - Cedric Hanet, Greenway

Veggie hot dog


The importance of a personal customer experience


The delivery industry is booming business - something that Greenway has witnessed first-hand. “We see that delivery is evolving,” Cedric confirms. "About 20% of our orders are now online, with 80% still in-house."

Greenway wants to offer its customers a great experience, even if they don't eat in one of the restaurants. Cedric explains: "We want delivery to be a fun experience for our guests at home, so we write personal messages on the delivery bags. We also pay a lot of attention to our packaging to make sure it's eco-friendly. Sustainability is important to both us and the customer."

Greenway is also conscious about the delivery flow and how it affects in-house diners. "Our online order flow mustn't have an impact on guests in the restaurant. That's why we ask the riders to wait outside until we bring the orders out. Our delivery orders are kept separate, as well." 


Striving for maximum efficiency with Deliverect


Greenway burger“Our revenue has grown significantly since we've partnered with both Deliverect and the different food delivery platforms. Greenway is currently available on Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and We feel that being on multiple platforms was possible only if we had a system like Deliverect, which centralizes all orders, and forwards them to our POS. Our online order flow is a lot smoother since we teamed up with Deliverect!"

So what's the most important advantage of Deliverect for Greenway? "For me as an entrepreneur it is extremely valuable that we're now no longer off-balance (in terms of accounting)," Cedric says. "It's also a big advantage that I can now easily adjust our menus on the different platforms."

This is how Deliverect helps Greenway delight its customers

  • Financial reporting using centralized data
  • All deliveries displayed in one clear overview
  • Easy menu builder to adjust all delivery platform menus

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