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Deliverect connects Maize Blaze with delivery partners to survive the pandemic


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A childhood in Bogota inspired Ruth Christianson to create Maize Blaze and bring the colorful Colombian cuisine of her youth to London. After opening her first stall in Camden Market in 2014, the menu of Colombian street food snacks was an instant hit, and Ruth has since enjoyed a residency at Howling Hops brewery in trendy Hackney Wick, East London. 

Maize Blaze CamdenRuth explains: “We do Colombian fusion-inspired street food. We’ve got one site in our Camden Market kiosk, and then our kitchen residency is our restaurant based in Howling Hops brewery, which has a much wider menu. So there’s the street food and the restaurant side of things.”

The underrepresented cuisine proved popular among Londoners, especially to those on gluten-free and vegan diets, because corn is traditionally used instead of wheat and there is an abundance of delicious plant-based dishes on the menu.

Things were going well for the brand until the pandemic hit and made their face-to-face operations much more difficult. That’s when she turned to Deliverect to manage delivery orders online.


"Now what I can do with the integration between Square and Deliverect is manage it completely myself and have new menus up in 10 minutes." - Ruth Christianson, Founder & Director of Maize Blaze




Seamless menu management with Deliverect’s Square integration


Ruth explains that Deliverect helped her connect with delivery partners and made getting onto them a seamless process when time was of the essence. 

“We started delivery not that long ago prompted by the Coronavirus pandemic,” She says, “I was really struggling to get in contact with Uber and Deliveroo and everyone was scrambling to get online. Then by chance, I found Square who introduced me to Deliverect, and then I was basically up online in a few days.”

The integration between POS and payment hardware provider Square and Deliverect proved vital, enabling Ruth to manage orders alone and save on staffing costs.

“Now what I can do with the integration between Square and Deliverect is manage it completely myself and have new menus up in 10 minutes. So I’ll take a picture, I’ll edit on my laptop, upload it to Square, push it out through Deliverect, and within 10 minutes my customers can buy my food.”


"Having at least some kind of reporting system for our deliveries is amazing. It just makes my job a lot easier."


Consistent management of deliveries across multiple locations


As the brand grew, the challenge of managing orders across locations presented itself. Ruth explains how the two sites, one a kitchen residency, and the other a street food kiosk, had different POS systems and different processes. 

Chorizo-Asado-768x512Deliverect enables her to manage all the orders in one place and keep an eye on deliveries wherever she is.

“Since I integrated Square and Deliverect, I’m able to see all our online orders in one place.” She says, “So for me, having at least some kind of reporting system for our deliveries is amazing. It just makes my job a lot easier.”

As the brand goes from strength to strength, Deliverect offers the opportunity to expand to new locations and take even more orders without the worry of being unable to handle the logistics.

How Deliverect helps Maize Blaze optimize delivery

  • All deliveries displayed in one clear overview
  • Easy menu builder to adjust all delivery platform menus
  • Error reduction and faster delivery process

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"The key feature for us is the menu builder. We love the ability to quickly go in and change menus. Changes are instantly visible."

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“The manual process of having to key in all the orders increased labor and often led to mistakes. After signing up with Deliverect, we were able to streamline that process."

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“After integrating with Deliverect, our menu push is now seamless. We are able to update menu items, prices, titles of menus, order availability, and item availability in an instant.”

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