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Oliver Green: on a mission to spread plant-based fast food around Amsterdam

Founded in the summer of 2019, Oliver Green is a shop & café that sells nourishing plant-based breakfast, bowls, salads, smoothies and juices. The two founders of Oliver Green made it their mission to provide quick, healthy and nutritious vegan food and beverages to the people of Amsterdam - whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner or in between.

Oliver Green mealThe Dutch capital’s newest vegan hotspot was named after an adventurer who travelled across the world to seek inspiration from all different cultures - something which is reflected in the café’s menu, as well. “Our dishes were inspired by our travels to Mexico and Bali,” explains Merel Keizers, Co-founder of Oliver Green. “We’re bringing back nature to the city, offering only ingredients that are good for you, your body and the environment.”


Much more than a hype

Plant-based food has been popping up everywhere over the past few years. But the vegan revolution is much more than just a fad - it’s here to stay. “People of all generations are becoming more health-conscious and more aware of how food impacts their health,” Merel confirms. “Our customers regularly tell us they’ve been feeling a lot better since they’ve started eating (more) plant-based foods. We believe that once people are feeling the impact themselves, they’re not likely to go back to eating (a lot of) meat.”


Takeaway and delivery

Oliver Green aims to provide their tasty and healthy fast meals to everyone in the city. Those who are running short of time can collect a dish at the shop or have it delivered to their door. “We’re convinced plant-based food is better for the planet, so using eco-friendly food packaging is another conscious choice that we’ve made,” Merel says. 

Oliver Green - dish“At the moment, delivery is around 25% of our operation. That’s a lot, so it’s important we can manage our delivery order flow easily and efficiently. That’s why we decided to sign up with Deliverect. Obviously, we only just started with the software in September `19, but we already notice the difference. We’ve been enjoying the menu builder in particular, pushing our menu on Uber Eats live and adjusting it as we go along. We’re still in that stage where we’re testing a lot of dishes to see if they land with our customers, and we need to be able to quickly roll out and roll back menus whenever something isn’t working as well as we thought.”


Excited for the future

It’s still early days for Oliver Green, but the founders are happy to think ahead, hoping to open more locations soon. “We believe in plant power, and we’re certain you will, too!”

How Deliverect helps Oliver Green with delivery management

  • Greater focus on delivering a top customer experience
  • Easy menu builder to adjust all delivery platform menus
  • All deliveries displayed in one clear overview

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