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OneKitchen takes its business model to new heights with Deliverect

Based in Dubai – where as many as 6 different delivery channels compete for dominance – OneKitchen takes an as yet novel approach to dark kitchen service delivery. “We seek to make it as easy as possible for our restaurant brand partners to boost their range and leverage the growth of delivery,” explains Majed Abukhater, CEO of OneKitchen. “As we grow, Deliverect is essential to this mission.”


A novel approach to dark kitchen empowerment

OneKitchen has only been in operation since the end of 2018, but it clearly meets a growing need among restaurant brands in the vibrant cosmopolitan city of Dubai. The firm provides tailored spaces for dark kitchens to operate, renting each space out for defined periods of time.

“It’s a real estate model,” Majed explains. “We cater to a wide range of different food types and offer them 3 to 6-month contracts. In the process, we have also helped redefine how dark kitchens look and operate in the digital age.”

Majed Aburhater

Majed and his team work closely with their lessees to tailor each kitchen space to their unique space requirements, designing the kitchen together through a collaborative process. “Our goal is to ensure that each brand has exactly what they need – from equipment and layout to processes – to work as efficiently as possible.”


“That’s where a service like Deliverect becomes crucial for us,” Majed says. “The solution makes the delivery management process efficient, reliable and automated, adding a huge amount of value to our service model.” - Majud Abukhater, CEO OneKitchen


Providing dark kitchens with the very best environments for success

While his company provides environments for dark kitchens to thrive, Majed is convinced that the best-equipped party to manage the creation of high-quality food is each individual restaurant brand.

Majed: “We don’t get involved in the cooking at all – we simply offer the best possible environment and handle a range of non-cooking services, from cleaning, infrastructure, delivery platform management and more. We’re happy to play that role to give our partners the freedom to focus on dishing up superior food.”


Delivery process optimization as a key service

As part of its offering, OneKitchen does more than help customize process flows in each kitchen: “We also consult with dark kitchens on their delivery approaches and strive to provide them with a streamlined, hassle-free delivery process interface,” Majed continues.

Because there are quite a few delivery platforms popular in Dubai, Majed and his team wanted to make it as easy as possible for their partners to work with all of them – but that was easier said than done.

“Imagine a location providing space to 20 dark kitchens selling through 6 delivery channels each. That means we have to manage 120 different tablets as well as their integrations with our location-wide POS system. Apart from the digital logistics of that, having 6 tablets in each kitchen also runs counter to our goal of optimizing the space for cooking.”

He did some research into delivery management solutions and discovered Deliverect. “Deliverect is a super responsive company,” he asserts. “Their implementation team collaborates with us to ensure that order delivery management and POS integration is as efficient as possible.”



Enabling rapid scale-up

 OneKitchen currently offers space for 5 dark kitchens, but is in the process of expanding to 20 additional spaces at an additional location.

“That’s where a service like Deliverect becomes crucial for us,” Majed says. “The solution makes the delivery management process efficient, reliable and automated, adding a huge amount of value to our service model.”

He especially appreciates the reduction in manual labor unlocked by Deliverect. “The fact that when an order comes in via any channel, gets processed by our POS and automatically prints in the appropriate kitchen space is a huge time and energy saver. As we grow, this process will continue to be simple and efficient, no matter how many partners we bring on board.”

How Deliverect helps dark kitchens like One Kitchen

  • Manage multiple brands from one account
  • Say goodbye to the "wall of tablets"
  • Manage all delivery orders from multiple channels in one place

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