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How Deliverect helped Poule & Poulette ace the delivery game


Hatching the egg

Poule & Poulette’s story began in 2012, when its founders opened a chicken specialty shop in the Antwerp region. Two years later, the Poule & Poulette restaurant as we now know it was born - the first of five locations with many more to come.

“Chicken is such an honest product,” says Frederik Goossens, founder & CEO of Poule & Poulette. “It’s versatile, it speaks to many people of various ages and cultures alike and on top of that, it’s well-priced too. Chicken can be prepared in many ways and a lot of our dishes are very well suited for delivery and takeout. That’s why we’ve invested in the delivery trend - and will continue to do so.”


Domestic sourcing and traceability

Poule & Poulette interior designPoule & Poulette is all about giving its customers the full experience. With a (patented) interior design that is a nod to the henhouse, all restaurants have a trendy, unique look that’ll make guests feel welcome right from the start. “Our experience concept is what sets us apart from other chicken restaurants,” explains Frederik. “Not only do we support domestic sourcing, we watch over the entire food chain like a mother hen. From the farmhouse to your plate - our closed chain guarantees that our products are of high quality, so our customers can always enjoy healthy, farm-fresh chicken that can be traced back all the way to the egg.”


Winging delivery with Deliverect

Even though Poule & Poulette prefers to offer customers the total experience - dining in one of the thoughtfully designed restaurants - they’re staking on delivery as well. “We’re maintaining a healthy balance, as delivery accounts for around 20% of turnover. Sometimes people just can’t make it to the restaurant, so we want to give them the opportunity to enjoy our chicken at home.”

Poule & Poulette chicken“Before getting on board with Deliverect, working with three different third-party online ordering platforms was labor-intensive and time-consuming. Our waitstaff was constantly distracted by the pinging of orders coming in on three different tablets. They had to get the order receipts, key them in and then bring them to the kitchen. A cumbersome process which wasn’t efficient at all. Now, thanks to the integration of our delivery channels with our POS, that’s all in the past.”

Deliverect is a great tool to centralize all online orders and push them to our kitchen in real-time. This allows us to monitor kitchen efficiency and analyze our delivery operation - something which was almost impossible in the past,” Frederik continues. “But as much as we believe in delivery, we make sure our in-house diners and staff aren’t hindered by it. Couriers wait outside, communicating directly with the kitchen through an intercom. Once their order is ready to be delivered, our waiting staff picks it up from the kitchen line, handing it over to the rider. It’s an efficient method for every player of the game.”


Always moving forward

So what’s next for Poule & Poulette? After a year of fine-tuning and improving both the restaurant and the delivery experiences, the Belgian chain is now almost ready to open three brand-new locations. Stay tuned - their delicious chicken may be on its way to you!

How Deliverect helps Poule & Poulette with delivery management

  • Financial reporting using centralized data
  • Greater focus on delivering a top customer experience
  • All deliveries displayed in one clear overview

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