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Everyone is craving Redemption, and Deliverect is helping deliver it


Redemption foodSpoil yourself without spoiling yourself. That’s the motto of Redemption Bar, London’s healthiest restaurant, serving vegan, sugar-free and wheat-free food and non-alcoholic cocktails and drinks. The idea behind Redemption is that socializing shouldn’t be at the expense of your health, and it shouldn’t be harmful to animals or the environment.

The restaurant & bar concept was created by Catherine Salway, who has a background in business, and Andrea Waters, an experienced vegan and raw chef. Founded in 2014, Redemption Bar today has three locations in central London: in Shoreditch, Notting Hill and Covent Garden - the latter of which was opened in 2019.


Testing the delivery waters

According to Zoey Henderson, Redemption’s Head of Operations, delivery has grown massively in the last 5 years. “We’re based in the center of London, so there are lots of hotel accommodations and tourist attractions in the area. People love coming in, but like other metropoles around the world, London has become keen on ordering out, as well. Delivery has only just started out at Redemption and yet we already see its share is definitely growing.”

“We’ve already overcome our first hurdles in terms of delivery,” she continues. “For instance, it’s important to be aware that delivered food is never exactly the same as on site - it has to travel, so it will never be that perfect. Although people do understand that, we want to get as close to perfection as we can, which is why we’ve modified our delivery menus. We decided not to offer some dishes, such as one of our dishes with courgette, which contains too much moisture to travel well.”

Redemption also carefully selected packaging materials that are eco-friendly, practical and help preserve the food better until it arrives at its destination.


Streamlining operations with Deliverect

To be able to easily use multiple (third-party) delivery platforms, Redemption Bar called on Deliverect. “We wanted to increase delivery by working with more than one delivery partner,” Zoey explains. “Additionally, we wanted to be able to track revenue and get rid of all our tablets. We heard about Deliverect at a London trade fair, and we quickly got on board after that.”

Plant-based food at Redemption London“We still have our tablets because they need to be charged and on, but they are now all piled up in a corner,” she laughs. “We do enjoy not having to have multiple printers anymore, as well. But the feature that has really given us more options is the menu builder. We love the ability to quickly go in and change menus, because with the platforms, changes could take up to around 24 or even 48 hours. With Deliverect, changes are instantly visible.”

Another key feature, according to Redemption, is the reporting. "Tracking revenue across multiple platforms is now possible thanks to the Lightspeed integration powered by Deliverect. The integration certainly has given us more options to grow our delivery," Zoey confirms.


Vegan burger kitchen

Redemption burger Jessica AllegrettiRedemption offers two menus a day - one daytime menu and one for dinner, but they’ve recently stepped up their game with the addition of a ghost brand: Vegan Burger Kitchen (VBK). “In the past few years, comfort food like Chinese, Indian, pizza and burgers were the most popular takeaway and delivery dishes in the UK,” Zoey says. “We wanted to answer that need, and quickly get found when people search for vegan burgers online. That’s why we created a virtual brand with an offering of burgers and vegan ice cream: plant-based guilt-free comfort food!”

"The integration certainly has given us more options to grow our delivery." - Zoey Henderson


Redemption selection of cocktails

How Deliverect helps Redemption delight its customers

  • Easy menu builder to adjust all delivery platform menus
  • Manage multiple brands from one account
  • Financial reporting using centralized data

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