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Salsa Shop finds its delivery groove with Deliverect

If you’re looking for authentic Mexican cuisine in Amsterdam, Salsa Shop is the place to be. The Mexican restaurant offers quick and healthy meals, made fresh every day. That’s why they describe themselves as the healthier, trendier and – above all – tastier alternative to McDonalds. While you can enjoy their burritos and bowls at 9 locations in Amsterdam, the brand is planning to expand to other major cities in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Central management system for delivery partners

Much of Salsa Shop’s success is based on deliveries: in fact, they account for up to 50% of the Mexican restaurant’s revenue. Deliverect helps streamline that process, according to Alexander Jerejian, regional manager at Salsa Shop: “With Deliverect, all orders from different delivery partners like Uber Eats, Thuisbezorgd or Deliveroo are managed centrally. Additionally, they are also integrated with our Lightspeed POS-system. That way, all data is kept in a single database, which helps us in terms of financial reporting.”

“Having a single interface that contains extensive reporting on finances, peak hours, bestsellers etc. saves me a lot of time,” Alexander continues. “Before, I had to combine the different reports from all delivery partners and calculate our total net profit by hand. Now, I can see it instantly.”

“With Deliverect, all orders from different delivery partners like Uber Eats, Thuisbezorgd or Deliveroo are managed centrally." - Alexander Jerejian, Regional Manager at Salsa Shop


The best customer service in the business

But what really sets Deliverect apart from the competition, according to Alexander, is the way they treat their customers. “Jimmy, our contact at Deliverect, is available 24/7 and always ready to help. I’ve been in the food industry for 15 years now and I’ve never met anyone in customer service that even comes close. He’s passionate about his job, always there when you need him and never annoyed. Thanks to him, our Deliverect implementation went a lot smoother.”


Salsa Shop

“In my 15 years in the business, I’ve never received better customer support than from Deliverect.” 

Even though Salsa Shop only started working with Deliverect in February 2019, it is already convinced of its positive impact. Alexander: “By the end of April, we hope to have Deliverect installed in all our shops. Both our reporting structure and delivery management has greatly improved. It really works for us!”

How Deliverect helps Salsa Shop delight its customers

  • Streamlined customer ticketing without manual retyping
  • Financial reporting using centralized data
  • Greater focus on upselling instead of copying tickets

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