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Sawady is future-proofing delivery with Deliverect


Sawady brings the Far East to the Netherlands, specializing in Asian cuisine without artificial additives or flavors. The concept is the brainchild of Robbie Van Heeswijk, Sawady’s founder and owner, who wanted to introduce the Netherlands to fresh and healthy eastern dishes, without compromising on authenticity.

Sawady 1“In (South)east Asia, people tend to eat much healthier, fresher and more natural food than what we are used to in Europe,” Robbie says. “Our supermarkets are crammed with refined food products and items that are rich in preservatives and artificial colors or flavors. At Sawady, we have a whole different vision. We want to make healthy alternatives readily available to our customers. Therefore, we don’t use “powders and packages” - all our dishes are prepared exclusively with fresh ingredients and spices, and we only use unrefined oils.”

With Deliverect, I don’t feel like I am just a number - it’s like we’re working towards a great future together.”


Delivery at high level

With 2 locations in Eindhoven and Oirschot and a third one in the making, Sawady was ready to standardize operations. “Both of our restaurants combine in-house dining and delivery,” Robbie continues. “Delivery orders account for around 90% of Sawady’s sales, so you may say we’re pursuing delivery at high level! When you’re working with delivery percentages like ours, you really have no other choice than to automate at an operational level. That’s why we reached out to Deliverect.”

“We’ve mainly experienced two issues in terms of our delivery: first of all, in the beginning it was hard to finish all delivery orders to the same high-quality standards. We had to simplify our kitchen processes as best as we could to make it easier for our kitchen staff to deliver consistent quality dishes. The second issue related to software - we were looking to standardize our order flow to make it more efficient and scaleable. And that’s where Deliverect came in!”

Sawady 3“For us, Deliverect’s strength lies in its simplicity: our order flow has been streamlined and we no longer have to blindly guess delivery times. As a bonus, we don’t have to operate multiple tablets anymore, giving us more time to focus on a quality food experience. I’d also like to add that Deliverect’s customer service is the best I’ve ever had. Our dedicated contact person, Julie, is always quick to respond, and she really tries to make sure we’re performing as best as we can delivery-wise. She even took my phone call once when on her day off! With Deliverect, I don’t feel like I am just a number - it’s like we’re working towards a great future together.”


The future is in cloud kitchens

Robbie believes in the food delivery industry’s future is looking bright. “A few decades ago, it was still very common to have only one provider in the family, with the other person being a bit more in charge of the household. Today, more people work fulltime, which leaves less time for things like cooking. People try to buy time, as it were, by ordering food and having it delivered instead. That’ something that won’t change back, so Sawady is putting a lot of effort in delivery.”

“In the future, we intend to run with the cloud kitchen idea. Delivery is our main business, so why not work from a virtual restaurant? We’ll be able to pay lower rent while keeping our operation lean. And by sticking with Deliverect, Sawady can benefit from integrations with Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Thuisbezorgd, and from our own online order system. That will definitely future-proof our business!”

How Deliverect helps Sawady optimize delivery

  • Greater focus on delivering a top customer experience
  • Easy menu builder to adjust all delivery platform menus
  • All deliveries displayed in one clear overview

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