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Sugo Pizza on revolutionizing the pizza market - with Deliverect’s support


The Sugo way

Born in Rotterdam in 2015, the fast casual Sugo Pizza restaurant is known for its “Pizza al taglio”. Based on Rome’s tasty street food, this kind of pizza has a crust that is low in carbs and high in protein, making it a healthy, light and airy alternative to pizza as we’ve come to know it. The pizza dough consists only of water, flour and yeast, and rises for up to 72 hours. The result is a fluffy base, which is then garnished with delicious toppings and baked in rectangular trays.

“Our pizza is the ultimate sharing food,” says Hugo Kruijssen, one of Sugo Pizza’s owners. “The great thing about square pizza slices is that you can easily share with friends and combine multiple toppings and flavors. And because we’re able to make and deliver large amounts of pizza at the same time, we’ve become the go-to option for friends, families and coworkers alike who want to enjoy a fast, healthy and fun meal together.”

A product made for delivery

Sugo Pizza takeoutPizza was being delivered years before food delivery was hot - and today, it’s still one of the most popular dishes to be ordered out. “Nowadays, it’s become much easier for a restaurant to deliver meals,” explains Hugo. “With the rise of third-party apps, offering delivery has become more accessible. That also means the competition’s growing, so it’s more important than ever to offer high-quality food - and a wide choice at that. To meet the modern delivery consumer’s demands, you now have to pull out all the stops.”

Because its product (and preparation method) differs so much from the traditional, round pizza, Sugo has already been able to mark its territory, swiftly providing pizza for groups as large as 50 to 70 people. “We get a big order like that at least once every week,” says Hugo. “Our slices can easily be cut into smaller pieces, so you can taste as many flavor combinations as you want. Because the pizza is so airy, it’s perfect for a team lunch, as well.”  

"With Deliverect, all data is consolidated, providing a powerful means of control and making it easier to analyse our operations and optimize performance."

Staying ahead with Deliverect

“In the beginning, incoming delivery orders weren’t pushed to our point-of sale system,” says Hugo. “At the end of the working day, we manually entered all the deliveries we’d done that day. We simply didn’t have enough time to do it live. Teaming up with Deliverect solved our biggest pain point: working with real-time data. Our delivery revenue flow is now linked to our POS, so we have an overview of how we did and what we sold that day. Travelling between 5 locations, it’s so important to know what’s happening, so we can stay ahead of the game. With Deliverect, all data is consolidated, providing a powerful means of control and making it easier to analyse our operations and optimize performance.”

“With staff no longer having to register our online orders in the system, we’ve managed to get rid of another issue, as well. This manual task was very time consuming but also prone to error. Omitting a decimal point or simply hitting the “4” button instead of the “6” can leave your entire flow in disarray…But we’re only human, so it could always happen.”  

Scaling up the business

Sugo PizzaSugo Pizza currently has 5 restaurants, which are located in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Eindhoven. The restaurant chain aims to open at least 10 new locations in the Netherlands in the coming four years. Streamlining the delivery operation is crucial to be able to finetune the business before opening new branches.

“All good things take time,” knows Hugo. “Keeping track of our process flows, which include in-house, takeout and delivery revenues, is necessary so we can grow our operation. Going fast is one thing, but doing things the right way will benefit us and our customers in the long run.”

How Deliverect helps Sugo with delivery management

  • Financial reporting using centralized data
  • Error reduction thanks to third-party platform integration in the restaurant POS
  • Streamlined customer ticketing without manual retyping

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