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How Sushi Yakuza raised the bar on food delivery

In 2016, a new sushi restaurant hit the streets of Madrid: Sushi Yakuza. The project was set up by the Herrera and Goicoechea families, the brains behind Goiko Grill, another successful and well-known Spanish restaurant chain that has over 80 locations today.


Stepping away from tradition

Sushi Yakuza menu

In the early days, Sushi Yakuza was called “Esto No Es Un Japo”, because while the sushi seemed Japanese, it really wasn’t. Yakuza’s sushi aren’t traditional and simple; they’re innovative, creative and big in size. On the menu you’ll find creative fusion rolls that are a feast for the eyes and taste buds, and consist of little rice and lots of delicious fish. The restaurant’s motto? “Size does matter!”

“Sushi Yakuza has evolved as a concept of non-traditional sushi”, explains Angie Sequeira, Operational Manager. “We stand for fusion cuisine, innovation and sexy sushi. We wanted to do something different, because you have plenty of sushi restaurants out there that are using a lot of rice and not a lot of fish. With us, you get a rich offering of fish, paired with original ingredients and sauces.”


Improving efficiency in terms of delivery

“Delivery is a really important part of our sales model,” says Angie. “Around 30% of our orders are made online, through one of our third-party delivery services Glovo, Uber Eats or Deliveroo. In Madrid, the delivery and takeaway industry continues to grow every day. It’s a city with a positive attitude to delivery, and I actually think that the current brands can’t span the market today. That’s why it’s so important we do delivery right, focusing on every little detail so we can connect with our customers 100%.”

Nigiris de platanoAlthough Sushi Yakuza has a lot of experience with delivery, they believed operational efficiency could still be improved - and that’s where Deliverect came in, integrating Yakuza’s delivery platforms into their point-of-sale system.

Angie explains: “Efficiency was a big issue for us. We wanted to save time on the service and improve staff productivity. Deliverect enabled us to do exactly that!” We love how Deliverect helps our restaurant to make our services more agile for both the customer and the business."

How Deliverect helps Sushi Yakuza optimize delivery

  • All deliveries displayed in one clear overview
  • Error reduction thanks to third-party platform integration in the restaurant POS
  • Greater focus on delivering a top customer experience

"Efficiency was a big issue for us. We wanted to save time on the service and improve staff productivity. Deliverect enabled us to do exactly that!”

Sushi Yakuza

Angie Sequeira - Operational Manager at Sushi Yakuza

There’s more to come  

With business going great - who doesn’t love those big, luscious sushi rolls?! - Sushi Yakuza is planning to open another 6 locations in 2020. Get ready to explore its adventurous menu packed with tasty options ranging from sushi pizza and signature rolls to bowls and gyozas!

Sushi Yakuza dessert

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