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How Deliverect is helping Toastable deliver at 4 locations


Everything is toastable

Toastable debuted in Amsterdam in 2012, boasting a concept that’s brilliant in its simplicity. The Dutch restaurant is known for its triple layered toasted sandwiches with an original variety of fillings. On the menu you’ll find toasties with grilled chicken, meatballs, tuna or brie & bacon, but Toastable also offers up veggie and vegan alternatives, breakfast sandwiches and coffee.

According to Bartjan Hendriksen, the owner and brains behind Toastable, the restaurant chain’s philosophy is one of the reasons for its success. “At Toastable, we’re serving uncomplicated, tasty and good-quality food in a welcoming, no-nonsense setting. Here, people can relax and feel at home. And because we use three layers of bread for our sandwiches instead of two, the fillings don’t fall out - so you don’t even need cutlery to eat it!”


Simplicity sells


The toasted sandwich formula grew quite popular in Amsterdam in no time at all. “It’s an accessible and budget-friendly concept that was very well received,” Bartjan confirms. “We opened a second location in Amsterdam, and today Toastable also has restaurants in The Hague and Utrecht. Our food is especially popular with students, but we also get a lot of millennials, tourists and locals. Who doesn’t love a good old toastie?!”

Whereas the in-house customer experience is still Toastable’s main focus, delivery has been steadily increasing throughout the years. “Amsterdam’s our biggest delivery operation at the moment, but online orders are a great add-on for the other branches, as well. That’s why we felt the need to invest in food delivery software to simplify our flows.”


Untangling the delivery spaghetti

When your product is all about ease, your delivery management should be, too. “We were working with all these different tablets and printers, which wasn’t straightforward at all,” says Bartjan. “Lightspeed told us there was an easy solution to this problem, and that’s how we came to find Deliverect. Handling hardware is now no longer an issue, because all delivery order receipts are printed immediately from our POS printer.”

Toastable: triple-layer grilled sandwiches“What also makes our lives a lot easier is that we’re now able to check sales data in our Lightspeed POS system. In the past, we used to key in the total number of online food orders at the end of the day. That flow is completely automated and in real time today. We can check what’s happening and what we’re selling in each restaurant.”

Bartjan is also looking forward to future feature adds. “We’re not using it yet at the time, but the Deliverect menu builder will also be a big time-saver. We’re waiting for Deliveroo and Thuisbezorgd (Takeaway.com) to start supporting this feature, so we can push menus to the different platforms more easily.”

"In the past, we used to key in the total number of online food orders at the end of the day. That flow is completely automated and in real time today. We can check what’s happening and what we’re selling in each restaurant."


Toasties for everyone

With a track record of 4 successful restaurants, Toastable is now working on franchising the business, Bartjan continues. “We’re looking for enthusiastic, passionate people who are eager to launch themselves at new markets. Besides, we’re also hoping to open new restaurants in neighbouring countries, like Belgium and Germany. I think we’re ready to take Europe’s bread away ;-)”

How Deliverect helps Toastable delight its customers

  • All deliveries displayed in one clear overview
  • Say goodbye to the "wall of tablets"
  • Manage multiple locations from one account

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