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Yolks delivers all-day breakfast to your doorstep - with Deliverect’s support


Focusing on egg-cellence

Established in 2012, Yolks is a breakfast & brunch restaurant that is mainly centered around perfectly poached eggs, and high-quality traditional breakfast items. 

Yolks 3“At Yolks, we never compromise on quality,” says Katie Clark, General Manager of Yolks. “We use only premium ingredients, and we pride ourselves on preparing eggs poached to perfection - every single time! We also strive to give our guests honest service, holding ourselves accountable when we have not met their expectations.”

The breakfast restaurant, which has two locations in Vancouver, offers a menu packed with tasty Benedicts, classic breakfast dishes, sweets and sides. Their truffle-lemon potatoes, a side dish made with local organic potatoes, fresh lemon, white truffle oil, sea salt and chives, is one of their guests’ all-time favorites - and it’s not hard to imagine why!


"In a fast-paced, busy restaurant like ours, there’s no time to manually enter in delivery items. That’s why we needed an integration with our TouchBistro POS." - Katie Clark, General Manager at Yolks


Getting the most out of time with Deliverect

Yolks 4“Pre-COVID-19, Yolks didn’t do delivery,” Katie says, “but with dine-in restaurants closing to slow the spread, delivery quickly became our only way to survive. Now that we’ve reopened, we’re still offering delivery and takeaway to supplement our in-house covers. But in a fast-paced, busy restaurant like ours, there’s no time to manually enter in delivery items. That’s why we needed an integration with TouchBistro, our POS.”

“Deliverect has helped us with that, improving our time management and helping us to stay sane! The integration has lessened the workload of our staff, allowing them to spend more time at tables with our in-house guests. Besides, all orders go right to our printer looking like all the chits in the kitchen. Our kitchen staff therefore no longer needs to monitor multiple printers and look at the different ways that bills are laid out.”

“Making our customers happy is really important, whether they’re physically in the restaurant or at home,” Katie continues. “When we can, we write notes to thank people for their delivery or take-out order. We also repost customers’ stories when we’ve been tagged in them. We’re just really happy to be able to offer them a swift order process so they can enjoy their food quickly and conveniently!” 

How Deliverect helps Yolks delight its customers

  • Streamlined customer ticketing without manual retyping
  • Greater focus on delivering a top customer experience
  • Error reduction and faster delivery process

More success stories

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Camillo Fresco - Co-founder Poutineville - Canada

"Deliverect has improved our efficiency and reduced mistakes in delivery orders, boosting our customer satisfaction, which in turn will increase our orders.”

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