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Refine every aspect of your operational flow

From processing incoming orders to analyzing your business performance, Deliverect helps you do it better, saving you time and labor in the process. Each of our key features are designed to simplify and streamline specific activities both front and back of house. 

Save time and labor

Decreased labor costs

We simplify your daily operations and save floor staff from monotonous, disruptive tasks like manually copying online orders and sending them to the kitchen. 

  • Less staff needed to manage online orders

  • Staff can focus more on customer satisfaction

  • 25% decrease in labor costs on average

Improved order flow

By automating various steps in your online order flow we save you time, both on the floor and in the kitchen. The average result is a 40% improvement in delivery time.

  • Faster flow of online orders to kitchen

  • Better delivery times for happier customers

  • Improved ranking on sales platforms 

More efficient management tools

Deliverect also benefits managers in their daily tasks, as we make it easier than ever to update online menus, keep track of inventory, and analyze business performance.

  • Faster menu management

  • Integrated stock management

  • Centralized business overview


Don’t take our word for it

Chain restaurants

"The biggest impact of Deliverect on KFC is the management of peak hours. If you look at a restaurant pre-Deliverect and post-Deliverect, you clearly see a major difference.”

Chain restaurants

"Since we started using Deliverect, our online orders are automated and we save a lot of time and increase efficiency."


"Being on board with Deliverect allows us to scale directly to consumer operations within a streamlined back-office IT architecture."


More time, more profit, greater customer satisfaction

Accurate online orders. No more manual copying online orders to your POS. We automate the process to ensure 100% accuracy.

Increase your revenue. Deliverect makes it easy to explore new sales channels, so you can serve more happy customers and increase profits.


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