Qr code

QR code ordering: quick and easy

A QR code allows your customers to view your restaurant menu from their phone, and place their order at the push of a button.

Deliverect links your QR code ordering system right to your click & collect page. Your orders are sent instantly to your point-of-sale system, and kitchen printer.


  • Customers scan a QR code to view your menu, order and pay
  • The order is sent to your POS, and a ticket is printed
  • No physical menu needed, safe contactless ordering experience

The benefits of QR code ordering


It's fast

  • Customers don't have to wait to get the menu or to pay the bill.
  • They simply scan the QR code and place their order.
  • The order is automatically sent to your POS and kitchen. No distractions!

It's efficient

  • QR code ordering improves order accuracy.
  • The integration with your POS streamlines the order flow.
  • Your staff can focus on serving in-house diners.

It's safe

  • Customers can order straight from their phone.
  • QR code ordering minimizes physical contact between staff and customers.
  • Secure payment is included.

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