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What American consumers want from food delivery


Right now, every dollar counts for consumers, and you need to know where to focus your efforts to keep them coming back for more.

We're here to help you with that.


Order up to 3 meals/week

That’s 2%+ than pre-inflation habits in the US.


Prefer quality ingredients

And—you will find in the study too that—people are willing to pay more for it


Said speed matters

How close a restaurant is and how fast their food can get to them is now more important than ever.

We surveyed US customers

To understand their attitudes toward takeout and food deliveries during economic change across the United States. The results show that people are saying yes to treating themselves to food-to-go and have grown to know and love the convenience of delivery.

This habit formed through the pandemic, and it’s stuck, even as they watch their wallets.

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Quality is crucial


The need for speed


Data is power

Inflation rises, but also does the love for pizza!

With 47% of people saying they’d order pizza any time - regardless of inflation.

Download the study


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What American consumers want from Food Delivery