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    Inventory and Stock Management For Restaurants, Dark Kitchens, and C-stores

    We partner with stock management software around the world to incorporate them into your POS. Do you use stock management software that isn’t included in the list? Let us know and we’ll add it to our upcoming integrations.

    Available integrations

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    What’s Inventory Management?

    Inventory Management is a vital part of supply chain management. It helps restaurants, dark kitchens, and C-stores properly track inventory stock.

    An effective inventory management system requires accurate data entry, efficient communication between employees and managers, and easy access to information. A successful inventory management system also provides real-time reports to help you identify problems before they occur.

    At Deliverect, we work with the best Inventory Management Partners in the industry. Find the complete index of integrations we have with Inventory management partners in the above list.


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