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    An easier way to manage multiple sales channels and more

    A hungry customer orders via one of your online sales channels—a third-party delivery app, your own restaurant website, or any other.

    What happens next?

    How it works

    The Deliverect journey

    STEP 1


    We connect your POS and delivery channels. We take care of the set-up process, aggregating all your existing online and third-party sales channels (Uber Eats, Deliveroo, DoorDash and so many more) to your Deliverect account.

    STEP 2


    Track your online orders from your POS. We provide reliable two-way integrations, pushing all your online orders to your POS so you don’t have to copy them across manually, and creating a complete overview of all your sales.

    STEP 3


    Stay in sync with your kitchen. Orders are automatically pushed straight to the kitchen and printed in one standardized format, improving your operational flow and prep time.

    STEP 4


    Get orders out the door in record time. We send out real-time order updates to all relevant parties, keeping everyone in the loop to ensure a smooth pick-up and delivery process. With our Pickup Manager, drivers and customers can follow the status of their order and be informed of when they can pick up their order at the counter.

    A never-before-seen menu management experience

    1. Quicker to navigate
      Eliminate the back-and-forth between pages with an intuitive sidebar that reduces the clicks needed to update your menus.

    2. Easier to customize
      Add advanced customization, like name and availability variations, for a more detailed strategy.

    3. Friendlier to visualize
      Assign variations across select locations or groups of locations, select platforms, and owned channels.

    Friendly and on-brand

    Online ordering website fit for mobile and desktop devices — user-friendly for you and your customers.

    • A site of your own - Easily create your own ordering website with your brand’s logo, colors, and menus.

    • Have a URL already? - You can use your own website URL for your online ordering site.

    Faster checkout

    Trust our secure integration with your social channels to provide a mobile-friendly experience for customers to order and pay quickly via Apple Pay, Google Pay, or credit card.

    Reward your restaurant’s community

    Get the tools and data you need to build the community your food deserves. Our loyalty program for restaurants provides instant rewards —cash back— designed to keep customers coming back for more.


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