Tevalis & Deliverect integration

Discover an ePOS and delivery integration that is connected seamlessly. With Tevalis ePOS and Deliverect, FnB teams are able to experience increased speed of service, transparency and overall efficiency during service. Orders which are processed through third party delivery platforms, will be sent to the ePOS system (and the Tevalis Kitchen Management System - if deployed) automatically. As a result, allowing communication between both systems and the orders, to be completely streamlined under one connected technology suite.

This integration requires a subscription to Tevalis ePOS and a subscription to Deliverect.

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Tevalis POS integration page

Tevalis key features include:

  • Table management: This feature helps operations to become a more streamlined and efficient operation, proven to increase customer satisfaction through speed of service. This includes a graphical floor plan interface, which includes table colour statuses and quick table tools such as print bill, view last activity and more.
  • Product promotions: Remove human error with automated promotions. The Tevalis ePOS knows that every Monday 5pm - 9pm, a certain offer applies to various products. With this, the server can continue putting through the items individually, but once it meets the offer threshold, the ePOS will automatically apply the discount.
  • Other key features: Split bill, integrated payments, user security options, menu designer, table transfers, timers against dishes, tailored floor plans for any area, par level ordering, stock warnings, multiple currency support, multiple language support and much more.

Benefits of delivery order management

Multiple delivery channels

Receive orders from multiple delivery channels

  • No more manual entries
  • Eliminate tablet hell
  • Easily add unlimited platforms
POS integration

Orders are synced with your existing ePOS

  • Use your existing hardware & set-up
  • Faster delivery
  • Auto-print in the kitchen

Manage, analyze & grow your delivery operation

  • Easy menu builder
  • Reporting across all your channels
  • Spot new business opportunities